Monday, March 22, 2010


Somewhere along the way, I lost a couple of months on the blog. I apologize for my unplanned, unannounced absence. I don't have much of a reason, except that when you spend your entire day on the internet, it can be kinda tough to make yourself hop right back on as soon as you get home. In order to catch everyone up on the amazing happenings in the World of Em, I have prepared some bullet points for you. Think of it as kind of a longer version of the review section at the end of entries.

--Snow. There was lots and lots of it. For ages. I was pretty sure it would never go away, and that the whole world would be covered in it forever.

--The snow melted, at long last. We've moved on to Pennsylvania's favorite spring-autumn weather pattern. Rain!

--That's all right though, because I have never had to shovel rain off my sidewalks.

--There have been just enough warm, sunny, beautiful days to prove that such things exist, in between the snow and the rain. We tried hard not to get used to them.

--This year, there will be a real garden at my house. Last year, I wasn't up to much maintenance or planting, but this year will be better.

--We already have strawberries planted, and a few that might have survived being weed-whacked last summer. We gave them up for dead and were pleasantly surprised to see some green on the stumps of the plants.

--There is no engagement ring in my near future. The whole 'go look at rings with my sister line' apparently was not an indication that there might be. In fact, Jim is actually not for marriage in general, or ours in specific (though, he wants us to live exactly as though we were married. just without the actual marriage process. no, i don't get it, either). Still not sure how I feel about this, or how this will impact us long-term.

--I turn 24 in a few weeks, not sure how I feel about that, either. Mostly, I'm pretty happy that I have made it another year.

--Are you guys familiar with the Susan G Komen Foundation 3 Day walk? I signed up as part of a team with some women I work with. We're pretty psyched, though I am secretly wondering what the hell I have gotten myself into.

--One of the things I have apparently gotten myself into is regular appointments at the gym. Also, buying a pair of athletic sneakers. Sneakers that are expensive when they're on sale, no less (i will be damned if i buy the hundred and thirty dollar shoes the nice man in the store told me all the walkers loved).

--One of the hazards of my job is that I keep wanting to use smilies whenever I type anything. And since I generally think smilies are kinda goofy, this drives me crazy.

--My computer picked up a malware program somehow, and then a particularly nasty virus as soon as I cleared that out. Jim is working on the virus, but I can't use my computer at home. I'm not sure how this happened, since I don't exactly open unknown email attachments or watch any internet porn.

--I have a nemesis at work. He's our new guy, and I think he has trouble respecting me because I am less than half his age. He's learning, though, and I'm learning the best ways to handle him. Having a nemesis makes for good work stories around the house.

--I am finally almost done with the red silk spinning. It has taken forever, because it turns out I'm not actually a fan of spinning silk. I changed my drafting technique, though, and that seems to be helping.

--I am also finally almost done with a number of warm, snuggly scarves. This is perfect timing for spring, no?

--Roxie sent me a hat. It is purple and has shiny bead dreadlocks on it and I love it.

--Eating healthy is all well and good, but fruit just isn't the same as potato chips with a sandwich.

--One piece of chocolate is also not as good as two, or many.

I am fast running out of time and things to say, so I will post this up now and humbly beg your forgiveness for neglecting you all. Here's hoping your weather is warmer and at least a little drier than ours is.