Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quickest Blog Ever...

Since we had Thanksgiving dinner with my parents (it was wonderful) but also had a free 20 pound turkey from our local grocery store, we are having what I think of as Second Thanksgiving today. Mainly because I need leftovers. Though, there will be ten of us tonight, so I'm not sure how many leftovers there will actually be. Between me, Jim, Colleen, my parents, his parents, Kate and Patrick, and my wonderful friend Laura, we should give that turkey a pretty good go. It's soaking in a brine upstairs now (coldest part of the house, and I don't want this to go down in history as "the year emily gave everybody food poisoning") so I have to go turn it and put it in the oven soon. My secondary goal is to finish the handspun scarf for me. I have a tiny ball of yarn left and no plans for tomorrow, so this might happen. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

WIP Roundup

Fair warning, this is a picture heavy post! I have long suspected, and today confirmed, that I am much better at starting projects than I am at finishing them. I think I've rounded up most of my current WIPs (and if i haven't, i'm pretty sure i don't want to know what i'm missing), and I'm going to list them here.

I'd planned a couple of blogs over the last week or so, but after visiting my family for the Halloween candy swap, I came down with a nasty bug and spent the last week pretty much going to work, coming home, and going to bed. Now that I'm able to stay awake past ten pm, I should be able to get some decent content going again.

Here's everything all jumbled into one big, glorious pile of potential. It doesn't look like a lot, but I knit at the approximate pace of molasses heading up a hill in the snow, so it's going to take me a few months to whittle this pile down a little. A surprising number of these things are for me, which means that they will probably take longer to finish than anything else in the pile. Let's take a closer look, shall we?
(please note the excellent backdrop--it's the blanket that Roxie sent me last year and it is wonderful. they're "friends from outer space")

This is the first item for me, it's a scarf made from some pretty merino handspun. This is the one you saw at the beach, and it was doing really well until I realized I left out a row and that the wrong side had become the right side about ten inches back. It's only a four-row feather and fan lace pattern, but as I keep discovering, I can't count to ten on a regular basis.

Detail shot of the handspun. I couldn't get the colors quite right, and this is the closest I was able to get. There are a lot of colors mixed together, and it's a two-ply so there's a lot of barberpole going on here, but it's pretty neat to see the blocks or rows of one color develop as I knit.

This is a random rectangle I was knitting, probably while I was drugged last summer. Near as I can tell, it's a small dish towel. I'll probably finish this one fairly quickly and put it aside as a Christmas present or use it to wrap something in. It's just a big, plain red rectangle.

Here we have a long-standing WIP, it's the beginning of a huge scarf for a huge guy. It's bulky weight yarn knit on small needles, so it'll be bullet proof when it's done. It's sort of a pain to knit with such chunky yarn, and I don't think I bought nearly enough, so this one needs some supplies before I finish it. Guess I need to buy some yarn. What a hardship!

Here's a detail shot of one of the socks I've been working on for forever. It's an easy pattern (lacy mock cables by kat @ the island of misfit patterns) but it met with an unfortunate accident involving some scissors in the work basket. I'll need to frog a few rows back and try to repair it. I'm at the last few inches of the foot, so I should really stop putting that off, now that I think about it.

Here we have a triangle made out of recycled sari yarn. It's going to be a gift, but I ran out of yarn for this (i'm starting to pick up a pattern, are you?) and I'll need to order more. The yarn was a Christmas gift, and it's fun to work with, but it freaks my poor camera out (why is there a "cuisine" setting, but not one for knitting?).

I mentioned that I knitted two pairs of gift socks while training for the 3 day, right? After all that, I decided to treat myself to a pair of socks for me. I'm not normally a pink person, but this shade of baby pink doesn't bother me...much. It's actually kind of pretty. I'm getting ready to work the heel flap on the first one, I'm using an easy two row pattern but the heel instructions are a little weird, so we'll see how that goes.

This is a picture of not one, but two Brangians. The red one will be a gift, and the green one in the background is for me. The green is Knitpicks shadow in Cattail and the red is Jaggerspun in Zephyr. Both are beautiful yarns, but I like the Shadow just a little better, it feels softer to me. I think I'll work on one of these today while watching the good (BBC) version of Pride and Prejudice.

Last but not least, we have a proto-sock for Colleen. It's the same pattern I'm using for my pink socks (i'm picking up another theme here, i just love making multiples of things. no issues with second sock syndrome here) and since they'll be short and Coll has tiny feet, they should be reasonably quick to knit. The yarn is something I picked up at a really deep discount, it's very soft and pretty thick for socks. They'll be bed socks, rather than out and about socks.

That wraps up the WIP list, thankfully. It's time to put a movie on and try to make a dent in the pile. I have enough here to keep me busy for a while, and I'm sure I'll get distracted along the way by something new or different to add to the list. I'm optimistic, though--most of these will be finished by about 2043 or so.