Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Green Thumb...

...I like houseplants. They're green and pretty, and if you talk nice to them, sometimes they flower for you. They make oxygen, and they take up space much more attractively than, say, empty soda cans. There's a ledge in my kitchen that's filling up with plants. It gets more sun than the rest of the kitchen, since it's beneath a big bank of windows, and it's convenient to keep my couple of cooking herbs there.

Jim seems a little confused by my knack for keeping green things alive, and he keeps buying me more plants to keep around because he knows how much I like them. Most notably, he brought home a hanging spider plant which dangles faithfully in my biggest window. It was a clearance plant at the local hardware store and started out a little sickly, but once we put it in the window, it took off. And by took off, I mean it started producing a ton of little shoots with baby plants on them. I trimmed off the paler, less viable looking ones every now and then, and mostly just left the spider plant alone but to water it. About a week ago, I noticed that my friend the plant seems to be trying to take over the house. I pulled the plant down to rotate which side got the most direct sun, and the thing was full of shoots. I trimmed all of them off and kept the biggest, healthiest looking plants to try to pot. Even though I only kept the best of the lot, I had ten tiny plants. I must've tossed two or three times that number. I rummaged around in the kitchen, trying to find anything that i could viably put plants in. I scavenged the soil from some seeds I'd been trying to grow that I thought had failed, I filled in two small fishbowls, one vase, and a couple of various tiny pots and square plastic planters.

So far, all of them are thriving, so near as I can tell. And as a weird bonus, this seems to have somehow encouraged my seeds to sprout, since a couple of the plants have tiny green roommates with them now. I hadn't held out much hope, the seeds were about four years old and had been inconsistently stored at best. I wasn't really surprised when they didn't sprout after they'd been planted. So when I gave up and cannibalized their soil for my new plants (i also got some soil from my yard, since i don't normally stock potting soil. probably a houseplant faux pas, but the plants seem to like it) I was a little startled to see these tiny green shoots in there with them. I figure I'll let them get a little bigger, and then I'll do another toss of the kitchen to see what i can possibly put them in. I'm running out of options, I might have to break down and head to the hardware store. In the meantime, my spider plant hasn't started to put out shoots again yet, but I'm just waiting. If that happens, I may just have to start giving plants away to everyone I meet.

That's all for today, time to go grab a shower and clean a little before work. Next time (probably friday, but don't quote me on that), a finished object! The first off my needles in months! Pictures with it, I swear! Exclamation points are fun!!!


Donna Lee said...

Spider plants can be mighty prolific when they are given good living conditions. And you can have two kinds of plants in the same pot for a while. They won't fight.
And a fo? Really?! Is it the scarf you blocked with the safety pins? We are waiting on that one.

Galad said...

I wish I had your green thumb. My mom was great with plants but I am a notorious plant killer. I don't feel too badly though, as my cats would eat anything green I tried to bring in the house.

Spider plants can be very prolific - have you lined up adoptive homes so they don't run you out of the house?

Kate said...

I'll adopt some plants, Em. My asparagus fern is hanging in, though it's looking rather sickly right now. I think the frantic weather changes are scaring it.

Bells said...

Oh is that what you do with spider plants? I was given one last year and have been watching it, wondering what it will do since it's still relatively small. I'll look out for the babies!