Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Well, we signed the lease for the house and are in the slow process of moving in, which is complicated by the fact that none of us have the same days off any more, and we all have jobs up in Pennsylvania. This will probably be my last til the new year or a bit after, as I will be moving in fully as best I'm able and we don't have and internet connection up at the house yet. However, when we do, I promise to post lots and lots of pictures, and let you guys know how it's going.

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates! I hope the day brings you joy and love and laughter and peace. Happy New Year's, also. I hope that the new year is kind to you all and gives you gentle learning opportunities, lots of naps, and well, fun.

Christmas here was great, and I will blog about all the pretty stuffs I got when I next get myself online. May the day be peaceful and joyous. Oh, and may the fiber fairies be good to you!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fingers Crossed

Okay, we may or may not have found a house (trying not to jinx this one, too). At any rate, we've submitted our application for a house we rather like and are anxiously waiting to hear back, maybe as early as today. If we get this house, I will post a bunch of pictures, because I am very much in love with it. It's an old house, I think it might be a Victorian-style setup (my house history is woeful) but it's got stained glass windows and a chandelier and a Tiffany-style lamp and the original woodwork and oh, it's very pretty. It's also not quite as big as we'd thought, but we're already thinking of ways to handle that.

In other pleasant news, I've finished the ugly scarf. I even have a picture of Jim wearing it, which I will post as soon as I get my camera home again, probably tomorrow. I'm nearly finished my first bribe sock, but I've run into some slight difficulties--I dropped a stitch without realizing it about two inches back, so I have to pick that up and then I've only got a couple of inches of foot left before the toe. Yay for making progress!

So. Christmas is next week. I know, isn't that weird? I thought I had another couple of weeks to go. I haven't done any shopping, so it looks like this Friday when I get paid, it's time to brave the local shopping establishments. I actually like Christmas shopping, so this should be a good time. To simplify things and save ourselves a little money, Jim and I aren't exchanging gifts until Februaryish, so I really only have to shop for my parents and my sisters. Simplicity is pretty nice. Dad and I are shopping for Momolla tonight, so I can even do a little gift reconnaissance. Dad and I are doing really well this year, normally the shopping isn't done until Christmas Eve.

I start my new job tomorrow morning, and I'm a little nervous. I haven't started somewhere new in years. Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Here we go again...

...time to keep looking at houses. Still, that's progress, and our realtor extraordinaire has diligently found us a bunch of promising looking places. I know she's doing her job and will make some nice cash off of us signing a lease, but this woman has been fantastic. When she pulled strings and helped us out to get the house in Gibertsville and we said, "gosh, no thanks," she didn't even bat an eyelash. She just said she wouldn't've been comfortable there, either. And she has never treated us like a bunch of kids, she's been friendly and helpful and just generally awesome. So yeah, if you guys know anybody moving to or from Pennsylvania, give Debby Singleton a call. She's awesome.

In other news, my last day at work is Tuesday, which is something to celebrate. I start the new one on Friday. It'll be an adventure, and a new challenge. I haven't had something different at work in years now, this should keep me on my toes.

I have two and a half pattern repeats of the Conwy done. Bells, I'll post some pictures for you as soon as I remember to bring my camera here (here being jim's place. conwy is my sneaky knitting, and it keeps me busy while jim watches football). The Conwy doesn't travel. The Conwy stays where it is comfortable and won't drop its stitches in protest. The Conwy is made much of and talked to in a soothing, gentle fashion. We have made a tentative peace with the Conwy...

Jim and I made empanadas tonight, they're one of the only foods I've taught Jim to make in almost three years (we're still working on french toast...). I think I'll post the recipe and some pictures the next time we make them, they're fun and quick and easy and cleanup's pretty easy, too. All good food qualities in my book.

Well, I'm out of energy and things to talk about, I think I should stop babbling now. I hope everyone's week goes smoothly, and I promise that the next few posts won't be so full of self-pity and general grumping as the last couple were.

Friday, December 14, 2007

This is What I Get....

...for asking if things could be more frustrating. The answer to that question, of course, is always yes. And viola, they have! We are now houseless. The landlord didn't make the repairs laid out in the lease. We found out today when Mike and Jim went up to handle the paperwork. The door to one of the bedrooms is still broken (it looks like somebody kicked the door in), and the sump pump is so far gone that it's actually pumping water into the basement. Mike can't live in a basement with a few inches of water, for obvious reasons. So, in light of all this, and after much heartfelt discussion and many creative swearwords, our intrepid group has decided to take our chances with a landlord who doesn't suck and keeps his word and follows the lease. This doesn't exactly leave us much time to find a home, as Jim and Mike have already started working overnights at Target, and it's a touch longer than an hour drive from Jim's place. I start work a little further out from that this coming Friday. I was talking to Momolla while she was at the local farmer's market and she was looking at bunnies with El and Kate, and I was told that I can't have a bunny, because bunnies can't live in my car with me. Strangely, this actually upset me. I could totally share my car with a bunny. Dude. Totally. So. Yeah. I will use many creative swearwords when I'm less tired. Right now, I'm feeling too drained by all this insanity to even work up a good rant.

In lighter news, Mom, Kate, and El bought me a present today. This was before I was declared houseless. They bought me a Christmas tree! He's tiny and in a pot and his name is Francis, but I call him Frankie. He's got ornaments and garland and a bow and everything. Dad and I met Mom and company at the diner, and they walked in carrying a Christmas tree for me, and after everything else today, I just broke down and cried in the diner. In front of everyone. Yeah, I'm my mother's daughter. But that was really the best part of today.

Too tired and frustrated and grumpy to do any more blogging. Knitting continues, but if I talk about it, I will surely drop every stitch I try to work today, so I'll talk about that later. Time to go put my fuzzy jammies on and be glad today is over. Hey, here's a challenge! Tell me something good. I do this to Jim when I am ultra depressed, but he usually uses the old, reliable cop out of "I love you." I hope everyone else's weekend is going better.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

So, yeah..... Or, Could Things Be More Frustrating?

Yup. Not a happy post. Not a happy Emily. Such is life, though, and I'm coping. But that doesn't mean I have to like everything, does it?

First off, Conwy. I thought I was being smart. I thought I would be clever and just work the pattern quietly and not mention it on the blog. Conwy is shy and doesn't like the media attention. I get that. So I told noone and started knitting. It took a few more tries, but we actually did pretty well. I got a pattern repeat and a half in before I looked at the pattern and said, "SHIT! It's k1 p1 k1. I didn't k the second 1!" And thus, more ripping out. So much for being clever, eh?

Next off, Target decided they did want to hire me. Of course, they called me, probably starting about a week ago. Except, they weren't calling me. They were calling a phone number belonging to one Renee. This is because I, being arguably the stupidest person to hold two knitting needles, wrote the wrong phone number on my application. Go, me! And now, though they were offering me better money and better hours, I'm committed to Pep Boys, and I can't really back out now, that's not cool. I'm stupid, but I have some integrity (bad combo, trust me. smart people with less integrity end up with things like small desert islands and cabana boys). When I asked if they had a regular shmuck's position, they told me they'd call me back. When they didn't and I called back, they told me they want to keep my application as a team lead and not a team member. Thanks. So, I'm too good to stock shelves. That helps me not at all, Target. So now it's on to plan D, which is to look for some kind of waitressing gig somewhere overnight a couple of nights a week. Maybe at a bar? This will be....an adventure.

The repairs on the house aren't done. Shit? Shit. They won't be done til tomorrow, a day before the lease is supposed to start. This is not doing much for my confidence in our future landlord. And yet, they will be done and Jim and Mike are going up to sign some papers tomorrow and to work out a few more things at their school.

In other not-so-great moving news, the weather this weekend is supposed to be horrific and disastrous, leading people to expire from the elements, according to one source. According to another, it should be mostly cloudy and a little rainy. Needless to say, my parents aren't keen on the idea of moving me on Saturday if people are expiring from the elements all around us. And I can't say I blame them, I'm not keen on the idea. And yet, I have begged and pleaded and hoped and prayed and changed my schedule as much as I could so that I would be free to do most of my moving Saturday afternoon. Shit! This leaves me trying to do most of the moving on my own in my little truck somewhere around Wednesday. This is less than optimal because it will require many fifty-mile one way trips, which do not make my gas tank happy. Ultimately, it's going to take about two weeks to get everything moved, I think. Not. Cool. But, such is life, and I am reliably informed I can cope and handle some frustrations.

Okay. Need some good news after all that spewing? I will give you some now. Maggie's scarf is done. It's good to know that there's one more project done, especially since it's my only holiday knitting. Jim's scarf is approaching thisclose to being done range, I'm just gonna knit til I'm out of yarn and call it good. I have turned the heel on my sock, and I am thrilled with myself. I know, I know, millions of children in other countries around the world have done this hundreds of times apiece. And yet, it felt like magic. There it was, a corner. It finally looked like a sock and not an optimistic cock warmer. It was great!

Right. That's enough words for now, I'm probably giving you guys all eyestrain. I will probably be posting a little sparsely the next few weeks (i know, not a surprise), because of the moving of the house and the switching of the jobs and such. Happy weekend to everyone!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Caution, this post contains lots of exclamation points and capital letters...

....because? WE GOT THE HOUSE! ....and? I GOT A JOB!!!!! ....so, basically? WE HAVE A HOME AND JOBS!!!!! *giggles* Sorry for all the yelling, but I am so excited I hardly know what to do with myself. We got the home we wanted, we've all got employment, and well, that's just great. Things are finally coming together, and I was scared for a little while that they wouldn't.

I haven't taken pictures of the area we'll be in or the house yet, because I didn't want to jinx anything. However, when I next adventure up that way (which is bound to be soon), I will show you all what a pretty place it is. The area around our development is largely farmland, and it's mountainous and pretty.

I accepted a job at the nearest Pep Boys as a Service Advisor. I got a kick out of the Service Manager, who seemed to think I was too small and delicate to handle those coarse shop guys. I pointed out that shops are nothing new to me and that I can certainly handle myself. I look small and young and innocent, but I'm a helluva lot tougher than I look, at least verbally and mentally.... I mean, I've been in this "man's industry" the entire time I've been working, so I'm used to having to be that much better, that much quicker, and that much more assertive than the guys. It'll be kind of fun to show him I can do this.

Lest you think there was no knitting yesterday, I am thisclose to finishing Maggie's scarf. After that, I'm going to polish off Jim's, and then, time to finish my bribe sock. And by the time all that's done, it should be January, and I will have far, far less time for knitting. See, I'm hoping to pick up a job working nights four or five times a week at Target or some other place that offers night stocking positions. That'll give me something to do, and plenty of extra cash to handle all those growed-up bills with. Hopefully, I'll get at least one partial day off a week to knit and play with all my pretty new yarns. If not, I'll certainly be able to afford to expand my stash some and just fondle all the pretty, pretty yarns.

This is going to sound weird, but when you moved out on your own, what's something you wish you'd remembered to do or to get or to plan for?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

My computer ate my blog...

Well, it ate my entry. I walked away for five little minutes with a blog post nearly finished on the screen and when I came back, the damned thing had shut itself off. Piece of junk. But it gave me a reason to sit there and say, very seriously, "Make blog go!"

Having learned my lesson about applying to only one store, I applied to about five different Pep Boys locations near the place we're crossing our fingers and praying to live. I was expecting a call, maybe. I got three. Three different managers at three different stores want me to come in for interviews. I only go the chance to schedule one, but I'm going to make some phone calls in the morning and schedule the other two. Yay for possibilities! I'm secretly hoping I can take one full-time position at one store and then a part-time position at another. Lots of hours, but lots of dough, too. Less time for knitting, but I'll have more money to buy supplies with. Trade-offs...

We are submitting our applications and our credit information and such on Tuesday and if the landlord is agreeable, then we may be able to get a lease as early as the seventh. That's crazy to me, but it'll give us a little more wiggle room between moving in and Christmas.

Jim's here for dinner, time to go entertain him by making him watch me knit. I'm aiming to finish my cousin's scarf tonight. I realized I'm almost done and a finished object would make me feel good.