Tuesday, July 6, 2010

100* In The Shade...

...and I only wish I was kidding. Seriously, the weather forecast looks like this:
(picture courtesy of noaa.gov)

The coolest it has been in days is about 80*, at night. If we are lucky, we will get massive thunderstorms on Saturday that will cool things down some. In the mean time, we are using the window air conditioners to sleep (i am dreading the electric bill this month), taking lots of cool showers, and not moving around very much. Jim and I work in the air conditioning, but spending the whole day being cool means you are very much unprepared for the massive, blazing wall of heat that greets you as soon as you step out the door.

The tomatoes are turning yellow, the impatiens gave up days ago, and the wildflowers are all looking pretty singed. We haven't had any water restrictions yet, but I have to be careful when I water things, so as not to steam the plants during the day. I'm hoping that this weather doesn't last past the end of the week, or I might not get any tomatoes this year. Thankfully, they seem to be sturdy, determined plants--they have crowded out the peppers I planted along with them. If I'm lucky, we'll get a couple of jalapenos, which I can make some salsa for Jim with (i am not so much for the spicy peppers, but they were a birthday gift from jim's mom).

I'm walking five miles tomorrow night after work. I'm getting a lot better at walking, as goofy as that sounds, and all the training is paying off. However, my feet are getting rough and callused. I'm 'lucky' I haven't lost any toenails yet. This is about the time where I start wondering what I have gotten myself into. We are having a bake sale at work next Friday to try to raise some money for our 30Day team, and I need to put together a few fundraisers of my own. I am always open to fundraiser suggestions, if you happen to know of a good way to make a few dollars for a great cause.

Time for bed now, since we're getting up early to drop Jim's car off at the shop tomorrow morning before work. We might get to take the especially scenic route.

In review:

--It's hot. Very hot. Random-people-walking-up-and-asking-if-it's-hot-enough-for-ya hot.
--This used to be my kind of weather, but I am not doing so well this year.
--The plants are giving up, and I don't blame them.
--Five miles of walking tomorrow. Ten miles Saturday. Six miles Sunday. I must be crazy.
--Jim and I had a date tonight. We went out for pizza, all by ourselves. It was lovely.


Donna Lee said...

We had pizza, too. But not a date. We had El along.

I loved this weather as a child and am doing ok with it now but I don' like it. I have no energy to do anything at the end of the day (and today is a gym day) so I sit and just listen to a book on tape.

Roxie said...

We are finally getting our share of the heat, too, but without the humidity. My heart goes out to you guys. Save up memories of this weather to counter the January blizzards.

Kate said...

That is one benefit of working where I do: when I get out of my 90* store, I'm not knocked flat by the 108* haze sitting outside.

The date sounds nice, Patrick and I are going out tomorrow. Stay cool!

Galad said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy despite the heat. You are doing great with your walking! Keep inspiring and maybe one of these days it will actually become action :-)