Monday, March 17, 2008

Living up to the name...

...I have decided to share a recent bout of madness with you lovely ladies, and to appeal to you all for a little bit of help. It seems an alien being took over my body briefly, and decided to invite my family over for dinner for my birthday. Yes, my whole family. So, my parents and two sisters, Jim's parents (his sister doesn't count, as she's in residence here also), plus my uncle and aunt and two younger cousins. There is room at my dining table for maybe half of this guest list (the kitchen doesn't permit a larger table, and we only have six chairs, anyway), so whatever I serve has to lend itself to a buffet-style serving easily. It has to be at least moderately kid-friendly, as my two cousins are both rather young. And, it has to be (relatively) easy to make in vast quantities--I'm looking at feeding fourteen people, counting myself and the housemates. So, any ideas would be welcome. I'm not quite at that panicky stage yet, I have a couple of thoughts. Maybe something vaguely Mexican-ish? Empanadas and tacos are easy, but a bit messy for eating on a couch. Or pasta, but I'm nearly fed up with pasta, we eat so much of it. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Oh, and I need to find a really awesome cake recipe (that lends itself to doubling or tripling well--there has to be some for breakfast!), since I haven't been able to find a bakery around here.

And feeding my beloved family isn't the only problem. See, I have these rooms. They're full of boxes. No place to sit, but lots of boxes. Though, I could find some of the sturdier boxes and use them for chairs... Or I could just hide the boxes in the basement, which would clear the front room out nicely for extra seating.

And, speaking of the name of my blog, I guess I should share why I decided on it. I thought for a while on the name of this little adventure, and there were a number of names that I liked, but not so many that set what I thought was a good feel for the blog. Ever notice how the name sets the tone of your writing? Sure, there are some departures, but mostly, the name fits your style. I thought about what I wanted this blog to be, and I decided it would be a bit like a journal--an account of my life, showcasing my favorite parts. My favorite parts of my life happen to be my family, and I have to say, we are all quite mad. Not (generally) in the scientist-bent-on-world-destruction way, but more in the creating-epic-poems-to-dad's-gregorian-chants-about-brother-fergus-the-easily-overcome sort of way. Fun, and casual, and rather odd. But mostly harmless, too. I like to think we're the sort of people you would want to spend an afternoon with, just sitting and laughing (and knitting!) and probably eating. We're also the sort of people you could stay up really late giggling hysterically with over jokes about the previously mentioned Brother Fergus. We are silly, and we love very much to come together and laugh. That's not to say we don't take appropriate things seriously, but well, we'd rather laugh about things than cry over them. And who wouldn't, really?

I think I haven't mentioned my family enough in my little corner of blogland, so look forward to hearing more about these wonderful, zany people. And, more knitting content. Maybe even some pictures, when I get my own computer running. And if nothing else, there'll be about a week of blind panic before I have my family over. Nothing is better for one's self-esteem than watching me panic.

*no worries momolla, i'm kidding about the panicking thing. totally kidding. no panicking here. nope, none at all.

**jim's l key doesn't work very well, so if you see something that doesn't make sense without an l, please mentally insert one.


Georgie said...

A buffet is perfect - you can most of it before so youre not in the kitchen the whole time!

I catered a buffet dinner for 40 people just before christmas (as one meal across a three day party!), so I'll look back at my notes and email you some of the ideas I used then.

As for chairs - can anyone bring some camping chairs, or can you borrow some from a neighbour?

Otherwise - perhaps you can pick a cuisine where they tend to sit on the floor and go with that theme! Arabian nights? Thai? Japanese?

Donna Lee said...

We can bring chairs if you like and I will even bake a cake if you want me to. I'll make it chocolate with chocolate frosting. As for dinner, how about a casserole type dish? lasagna? It feeds a lot of people and is easy to do ahead. Add some garlic bread and there you go.

Bells said...

Georgie is your girl for this sort of thing. She's good with the numbers!

Definitely get chairs from other people. And don't serve anything that requires dexterity - somethign that can be eaten with just a fork or splade is good - that way people can hold a drink in one hand and utensil in the other! If I think of other ideas I'll let you know!

Rose Red said...

I was going to suggest lasagne too. Or pizza (but homemade!!), chicken wings or drumsticks (or both), mini hot dogs (yum!!). Thick-ish stews and casseroles can also be easily eaten buffet style. And maybe you could have 2 or 3 cakes rather than one big one - mmmm variety!
And yeah, everyone byo chair (or cushion!). Sounds like fun! Like your family - you all sound like a lot of fun!