Saturday, March 22, 2008


The house is finally starting to look like a place where actual human adult-type people live, rather than a depot for boxes and totes of things.We've made great inroads on the front room, and pretty soon, people will be able to sit in my house in comfort. Style, not so much. But comfort, definitely. We're thinking of turning the front room into a lounge-type area for entertaining. It's cozy, and has a ton of convenient storage space, thanks to the china cabinet, sideboard, and small random piece of furniture inhabiting it. Colleen and I are amateur bartenders (or we want to be), so we want to get some cheap bar-type glasses for different kinds of drinks and store them with our small but potent supply of alcohol. Last night, after driving for near an hour to find a liquor store that was open past nine (pennsylvania is soooo strange. beer can't be sold with "wine & spirits", and there's only one place open past nine on a weekend for miles.), we obtained the ingredients for Midori sours, one of my favorite adult beverages. Despite being made of melon liquor, it tastes like a green apple, and it's great if you enjoy something that's sweet but tart. To make them, you use one and a half parts Midori (or another melon flavored liquor), one part sour mix, and one part lemon-lime soda. Garnish it with a cherry, and you have a delightful beverage.

Speaking of comestibles, I think for next Saturday, I'm going to make a few types of quiche, which is easy and tasty. I'll round it out with a soup or a stew, some fresh-baked bread, and a salad or two. That way, the food is tasty and easy to make and eat, and will let me relax and focus on my family. Momolla has offered to bake me a cake, and I have gratefully accepted. Of course, I'd be crazy not to. Momolla can bake a cake with the best of them. Seating will be more of an adventure, but I'm working a few things out for that, too. My friend Amy the Amazing will be there, too, which makes me happy. Amy and I have known each other for somewhere around fifteen years now, and when you're less than thirty, that's quite a while. She's one of the women I've known for so long I think of them as my family, too. We're not really related, but we're sisters of the heart. See what I mean by having a rough definition of family? She's beautiful and warm and sweet and funny. Amy's one of my favorite people to sit down with and talk to--we can go on for hours and hours without half trying.

And on the fiber front, well... There hasn't been much knitting here worth mentioning. The Conwy was frogged again. I accepted this with as much poise and grace as anyone, considering our long, rocky history. Things between us seem to be going much more smoothly, now. I come home from work and devote time to the sock, and it appreciates it, after three or four months of being locked in the hallway cabinet. I'm nearly to the point where I was originally, I think. Since I don't have my notes, it's tough to tell. I'm thankful we've reached something of an accord, knitting is much more pleasant now. The only point of concern I see is that the chart stops after three decreases, when there are meant to be eight. My pattern-building skills may not be up to figuring out what I'm meant to do. Still, that's a few inches off, so you won't have to hear me mention it for a few weeks yet. Also, I have a crockpot for dyeing now. I'm excited, since that's something I've been wishing to try for ages. I inherited it from my aunt's mother, along with some other bits of furniture and appliances. When I have some supplies, I'll try some experiments and let you know how things work out. Hopefully, I'll be able to post my pictures from my new computer.

Jim was looking around today for computer pieces online and asked me what my budget was. I told him, and he showed me what he'd been pricing out. Turns out, for just a whee bit more than I'd planned on spending on putting Dadumms's old parts together and making them superawesome, I can buy a new laptop. Jim offered to chip in some money towards it, and so is my family, so this is turning into a pretty affordable undertaking. The computer I originally had my eye on turns out to have a sucktacular graphics card, so we're going to keep checking for sales on decent computers and order one that will suit my Sims 2 addiction better.

Time for me to go continue cleaning and making things more home-like and less warehouse-like. I hope everyone has a lovely Easter, full of laughter and great food.


Donna Lee said...

Making a home that is comfortable and makes people feel welcome is an art. Decorating is fine, but folks won't notice if the furniture matches if the company is good. And your company is definitely good! Don't forget to get some left over easter egg kits for dying!

Bells said...

I would be very sad if I had to say RIP Conwy. Good to see there's still some fight left in you!

Bells said...

Oops.Hit publish too soon. Your meal plan sounds perfect. What sort of soup???