Friday, April 4, 2008

Practicing my Delayed Gratification Skills

Well, Jim and I have finally picked a computer for me. There was much deliberation, and a phone call or two to my Dadumms, and a decision was reached. In spite of my general dislike of Dell products, I am about to be the owner of one of their laptops. Dell seems to make a good, solid, reliable laptop, which is what I need, especially for when I go back to school (fall 09 is the goal, feel free to nag/question/remind/encourage) and will have to have something portable and easy to work with. I ordered a Vostro 1500,which is actually designed for a small business. No, I don't have a business, but the options available to businesses were a lot more palatable and user-friendly. Jim could tell you all about the RAM and the front side bus speed and such. I can tell you that it's black and that the screen is a little over fifteen inches big. When it comes to computers, I can operate them competently enough, but I know pretty much nothing about them in terms of specs and requirements. I'm told this one will be as close to perfect as I can get for under bajillions of dollars, and I trust my technology gurus.

The only downside is that there were a few customized options Jim picked out for me. I know, that's not actually bad. He picked the upgraded bits and the important stuff. But it means that the wonderful people at Dell have to build my laptop before they can send it out. The estimated shipment date is the ninth. Shipping takes three to five days after that. This is actually pretty quick, and shipping is free. But I'm not sure my roommates can refrain from killing me for that much longer. See, I'm just a wee, tiny, touch bit thrilled about this. So I keep talking about it. And asking Jim about it. And talking about it. Fortunately, though, when the computer gets here and is deemed perfect for my consumption, I will gleefully disappear for a few days to acquaint myself with it. Ahhhh, technology.

I'm glad you folks all like the story of the Penguin Wars. The saga will continue, I assure you. And yes, that's precisely why I didn't look thrilled when I opened a box and found a penguin. Dadumms took my copy of his car key back over the weekend, to ensure that I can't give him any more gifts. This just means I have to be more creative. And I will. I will also keep you wonderful folks up to date. Don't tell my parents this (mom, stop reading, okay? just skip to the next paragraph. move along, there's nothing here for you to see) but this is kind of fun.

I find I have inherited a box of tatting materials from my aunt's aunt that, really, I pretty much don't know what to do with. I've always wanted to try tatting lace, but I'm intimidated by a size 000 hook and the thread. Plus, I can't seem to find any instructions for this type of lace-making online. I'm thinking I may have to try to find a local craft store and look for a book, or perhaps check Amazon for one. Are any of you folks at all familiar with tatting? Know anyone that is who could answer some questions? I have a pretty good grasp of crochet, but I'm not sure how that would work with something this small and fragile. In the mean time, there are some handkerchiefs in there I might try some edging on.

I have finally turned the heel on the bribe sock, which thrills me. I'm in the home stretch! It's only taken me forever and roughly a day to do this. By the time I actually finish my little pretty, it will be nearly too warm for them. Speaking of socks, there's a pair I want to make Dadumms for Father's Day. There is no pattern, so I will have to wing it. Yes, you should be afraid. A novice knitter, winging it. See, we used to run around in our socks a lot as children. You know how with commercial socks, you can get that big, flappy bit at your toes when they start slipping off? My dad calls them sock walruses. For Father's Day, I want to knit him some brown socks and put tusks and whiskers and eyes on them. It sounds a little over the top, but I think he'll get a kick out of them. I'm considering trying to make them more like slipper-socks, though, since I can't see him wearing them anywhere but around the house. So something warm and wool and soft, with maybe a felted pad on the bottom, and some silicone dots for traction? I have yarn I can use, I just need to sit down and plan this out. Any thoughts?

Time for me to hit the hay now, got a long weekend in front of me. Lots of work and extra-curriculars going on. I hope your weekend is fun and warm and bright. And if it is, I hope you tell me all about it, it's going to be cold and rainy again this weekend. Imagine that. Rain. In Pennsylvania. Who'd have thought?


Rose Red said...

I think the walrus socks are a great idea (but am wondering if penguin socks might also be good...?!)

Yay for a new computer! Love new computers...

Donna Lee said...

Don't encourage her, Rose Red! Being the person in the middle of the penguin wars, let me tell you, it can get ugly.

Em, I'm happy to hear about the computer. And patience is a virtue. And if your roommates kill you, can we have your new computer? Dad will love the socks. Are you planning them for Father's Day this year? You are ambitious.

Bells said...

Em, a good person to ask about tatting is, I think, Alwen from Lost Arts Studio - she comments on your mum's blog. She does all that sort of stuff and would be able to point you in the right direction.

I tried to learn when I was about 15. An elderly friend tried. It's hard! Well it seemed hard then, to.

yay for new computers!

Amy Lane said...

Hm... short, cuffed socks, with embroidery or even sewn felt?

Sounds like a wonderful pair of socks!!! (Your family is so much fun!)

Congratulations on the new computer!!!