Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reason I Loathe My Job Number 6,937,082

I had to root through a dumpster for a customer last night. Twice. Yup. I wasn't going to complain about my job this time, but I just had to share. Coincidentally, I'm polishing up my resume. Anybody know of a company in southeastern PA looking for a professional, outgoing, creative person to do...something? No? Me, neither. But I'll keep you posted on the job search.

My taxes are filed! I feel like such an adult. And for some reason, I'm hardly getting anything back. Bah. And what little I will get back, I will probably put right into paying off some bills, or perhaps I will save it for an emergency or a rainy day. It would be more fun to treat myself to some fiber, or to scout out my own spinning wheel, but it would also be good to have a little bit of a reserve. That way, when the zombies invade, I have a supply of cash ready to go so I can stock up on non-perishables and other survival supplies. Paranoid? Me? No, not at all.

I have yet to frog the second bribe sock. I'm still slightly in denial--I keep thinking that if I just leave it one more day, I will have an epiphany as to how to fix it without having to rip out two month's worth of stitches. Why, yes, I am an extraordinarily slow knitter. I've been using the past few days to knit on the boss baby blanket, and to fondle my pretty, pretty roving. I'm fairly certain I suck at spinning, but then, I'm brandy-new at it, so that's to be expected. Not tolerated for long, but expected. I'm looking for a good tutorial online, I think I may be spinning it much, much too tightly. And I also have trouble keeping the weight uniform throughout, I'll have to use this for a novelty knit or something. There's tons of my brown beginner's roving, though, so it may have to be a big novelty item.

Speaking of knitting, I'm thinking I'd like to knit a wedding shawl for a friend who's getting married next June. I figure if I start soon, could have it blocked and ready by the night before. Have I mentioned I'm a slow knitter? I'd really love to knit something ethereal and floaty, but not too frilly, since she's not the very most feminine young woman that I know. I'm looking for some patterns that might work, and then I'll start looking for materials. Ebay, here I come. I'm thinking maybe some white silk, with beads either worked in, or along the edges. We'll see how much that'll run me, though, the budget's a little tight at the moment.

I think spring is making my knitting commitment issues worse. I'm bad enough at finishing things when the weather's gloomy and I'm bored, but now that it's sixty degrees and sunny out, I'm overcome with the need to cast on all manner of things. This is terrible. I've been slacking off on the sock-who-will-not-be-named, and procrastinating on the bribe sock. And I've only got about a foot of the boss baby blanket finished. The child was born in January! I think it may be time to crack the whip, and make myself do something productive. After these are all handled, I may have to give project monogamy a try. Or at least scale back on the polygamous urges.

Today is warm and sunny and bright, and I wish you could all have a slice of our weather for once. I'm thinking of retracting all of those nasty things I thought about how it's always raining and Pennsylvania in the spring must surely be the most miserable place in the world. Of course, NOAA says that by Saturday, it will be raining again. Figures.


Rose Red said...

Oh, hope the weather holds up. It's rainy and grey here, which must mean sun on the other side of the world! (ie where you are!)

Maybe you could make the shawl from fingering or sport weight yarn, it would be quicker to knit...but if you want floaty, colourmart (on eBay I think) is very reasonably priced, also Zephyr laceweight very reasonable and great colours.

Donna Lee said...

Personally, I would take the customer by the hand to the dumpster and allow them to wallow. And I think making Melissa a wedding shawl would be lovely. Need help?

Galad said...

I don't think dumpster diving should be a requirement of any job! That would certainly encourage me to move on.

What a special gift a wedding shawl would be. I think you should go for it.

Bells said...

oh I would gag. Going through a dumpster. Did you have to wait long before you could shower?

You know, I can't recommend the pi shawl enough. For a fast knit, you can't beat it and you can be as simple or as fancy as you want.

Em, are you on ravelry? I don't think you've ever mentioned that you were....

Teclado e Mouse said...
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Amy Lane said...

I've got a terrible case of startitis that I've been beating back with a club--I hear you on that one!!! And hooray for paying bills and adulthood--you're so much more grown up than I am!!!