Monday, January 26, 2009

Freezing in a Winter Wonderland...

...because it's supposed to snow, and be icy, right up until Friday. Ah, the magic of a Pennsylvania winter. I remember when snow was fun, way back before I had to scrape three inches of it off my car before work every day. At least it's pretty.

Still no pictures for you all, I have to install my new camera software on my computer. The camera is one gift I forgot to mention, but my new little Nikon takes pretty good pictures. The flash is still making my yarn look like it's made of fairy dust with all the sparkle and shine, but it's been much too dark to go without one.

I'm still working on spinning my second round of singles so I can ply something and make real yarn. It's sloooooow going, because I still can't get my flyer (the part that holds the bobbin) to refrain from, well, flying. It likes to launch itself across the room and is driving me to distraction. Every time I get a good rhythm going, the wheel humbles me. We're working on some modifications that might make my life a little easier, I'll let you all know as they develop.

I've decided to take part in the Brown Bag Sock club, but in a limited capacity (i am such a follower when something sounds fun.). I have six yarns to draw from, and a couple of patterns in mind. For my first batch, I ended up with some incredible yarn from the Knittery. Delicious stuff, a gift from the fabulous Australian Fiber Fairies a while back. I think I'll spread the love and give the socks as a gift. I even have someone in mind. The yarn is probably the softest, most luxurious stuff I've knitted with to date (it's a cashmere, merino blend. mmmm, soft and wonderful and soft.) and it tends to behave itself pretty well. I'm wrangling the yarn into Spring Forward socks. The pattern's easy to follow and looks pretty great with the yarn. My only concern is the amount of fiber I have to work with. If I calculate it by yardage, I'm set. The weight's a little less than what's recommended. So, I'm going to wing it. and pray. Let's not discuss the WIP pile. Sometimes, you just need to start something new. It gives you a sense of hope and potential.

Speaking of hope and potential, Jim has finally been laid off from his job. We knew it was coming, his company's been talking about it for months now. They laid off a pretty big selection of people, right up to their upper-level managers. So now Jim's back on the market for a job. He's been really optimistic and upbeat, all things considered. He's got his hooks out, as he says, and we're both crossing our fingers and hoping he'll be back in a decent job soon. I'm still in the market, myself, since it's gotten to the point where I can't afford to work at Pep Boys any longer. They switched us over to commission pay a while back, and since we're a poor, underperforming store, I am making a big chunk less than I used to. This wouldn't be so bad, normally, since I'd be leaning on Jim a little. But, well, he's going to be leaning on me some. So, the quest for a new job has become a bit more urgent. I'm following some leads and crossing my fingers and thinking good thoughts. And if that doesn't work, I'll just start killing people in jobs that I'd like to apply for. Gotta up your chances any way you can, right?

And that's all the news that isn't from Rofo, as all the young kids call it. I'll be checking back in soon, hopefully with pictures. Hope your week is warm, dry, and calm.


Bells said...

Your flyer actually flies across the room? Ouch. That doesn't sound like a lot of fun (for any passers by especially!).

I love those spring forward socks. A great pattern for a great yarn. Welcome to the club!

Donna Lee said...

I hope the solutions we brainstormed work. Don't forget about the leather shoelaces for the drive shaft. I absolutely loved having you guys for dinner. I wanted to empty the freezer and give you food so my mother's heart would know you were being fed but I held myself back. You know where we are if you need us. Love you bunches!

Rose Red said...

Yay for more brown baggers!

boo for job situations - hope you both find excellent jobs soon.

Georgie said...

Fingers crossed for you both on the job front. And I cant wait to see your first handspun! Although that flyer sounds nasty.

Monique said...

Am putting good job vibes out to you bith. hope something comes along soon so that you don't need to resort to your drastic measures.

Galad said...

Hope you get the problems fixed with your wheel. That has to be really frustrating.

I loved doing the Spring Forward socks and wear them all the time. Great gift socks!

I'll keep a good thought for both of you in your job search.