Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blogtoberfest Wrap-up...'s been a fun month, all things considered. I skipped a couple of days, I think, but I managed to post much, much more frequently than usual. That's a habit I'd like to keep, especially now that I have a regular schedule and have been doing things I can actually discuss without sounding angry and bitter all the time. There have been guest blogs (which might happen more than once a year, if i can coerce anybody else into doing my work for me) and a style update. The best part, though, has been keeping up with you guys every day. I won't lie, I do check my blog list every day. I may not comment all the time, but I read every entry because I love the windows they give me into so many different lives. In the end, knitting and spinning are hobbies to me. They're wonderful, and I enjoy them a lot. But stories and words are my real passion, and I love getting lost in someone else's words for a little while. I love being able to share my words, too, and to write my own story in my own voice. It's my hope that you enjoy reading these stories. Someone once told me (way back in the days when myspace was cool and i actually maintained a blog there) that I was one of the most genuine people she knew. I'd say that was always my intent, but it never crossed my mind to be other than I am, or to pretend about my life. Things are not always perfect, and mine has been a particularly twisting journey. But it's always been a real journey, without any sugar-coating or any beautifying. That is one thing I hope will never change.

Today was Halloween, and we ended up having about eight trick-or-treaters. Since we still have a huge bowl of candy, this doesn't make me too sad, but I was hoping for more. Still, I think we'll have a reputation next year, and maybe we'll see some more kids. Halloween used to be one of my very favorite hoidays. When we were younger, my family would head to my Aunt Joan's house, meet up with my Aunt Elsie and maybe one of my cousins, and go wander the neighborhood for a few hours. We always came home to an amazing lasagne dinner, and then the candy swap began. We would always trade away the candy we didn't like, and try to get as much good stuff as possible. I thought that we weren't doing it this year, since my Aunt Joan hasn't hosted Halloween dinner in a few years, but apparently my mom's brother and sister-in-law ended up hosting. I didn't find this out until it was actually going on and I was told I was missed, so I contented myself with killing zombies with Colleen for a few hours. We're very much looking forward to the sequel to our zombie-killing game, which comes out in a few weeks.

In review:
--We had more trick-or-treaters than last year, but still not a lot
--Lots of leftover candy for me!
--I miss being a part of the family Halloween celebrations
--Blogtoberfest was pretty awesome!
--Daylight savings time does something weird tonight, so I get an extra hour to sleep. It'll be days before I'm adjusted to the way the light shifts now.


Rose Red said...

I think you are a very genuine writer - I love reading your posts and am glad you took part in Blogtoberfest - more posts to read! Hurrah!

Donna Lee said...

Hallowe'en was low keyed and it was only Uncle Rick, Aunt Anna Marie and us. You didn't miss much. Maybe next year we'll plan further ahead but this year, no plans were made until Friday night.

Leftover chocolate is never a bad thing.

Roxie said...

I love your posts, but then, I'm story oriented as well, and you know how to tell 'em! Thanks for inviting us in to your life.

You will get more trick-or-treaters if you decorate your yard a few weeks before the day. Pick up some styrofoam tombstones on sale today and maybe crochet a giant sparkly white spider web to swag across the porch. Then you're all set for next year.