Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fridays are Fun...

...because weekends are amazing. Thanks for receiving the guest blogs so well. It's such a strange feeling to write for someone else's blog, almost like you're speaking your words with their voice. It's fun, though!

Jim's mother has finally come for a visit, just when we were planning to spend the weekend relaxing. And Dadumms has decided to have a small party for Momolla's birthday this weekend, as well. I'm not at all looking forward to the drive, Jim and I will have to go through Philadelphia, and the President is coming to the city this weekend, so several major highways will be shut down for a while. On top of that, there is a local football game on Sunday. Also, the local baseball team is playing at home in the World Series that day. Also also, there are going to be five or six various charitable events going on throughout the day and causing well-meant chaos. What this all translates into (other than a tedious lack of non-sports related conversation in the news and workplace) is a massive, scary amount of traffic. There are only a few ways in, out, or through the city, which makes traveling difficult. We're looking into different ways to get to Jersey from here. Cross your fingers for us, eh?

In other news, I start my shiny new job on Monday. I'm a little nervous, because my boss is going to a big industry even on Monday, and won't be back for the rest of the week. So, things will be interesting. Still, it will be blissfully quiet without a dozen phone lines ringing in my ears all day. I'll keep you guys posted as things progress.

Halloween is tomorrow, and I'm sort of looking forward to it. Unlike so many of my friends, I'm not going out to party (when did every holiday become an excuse to go out and get really stupidly drunk?), because I'm going to stay home and give candy out to the trick-or-treaters. I like to think of it as karma, since I spent so many happy years going out to get free sugar from the neighbors. Jim was determined that we would be the cool house that gives out full-sized candy bars this year, in a blatant attempt to lure more kids in. We're the only house on our block, really, so we never see more than a handful of kids come through (this makes perfect sense, really, because you want to cover as much ground as efficiently as possible in the time you're allowed). This makes me a little sad, because I love watching the kids troop by in their costumes. Halloween was one of my very favorite holidays for a very long time, and it makes me happy to see kids enjoying it now.

In review:
--Jim's mom finally made it up. Yay!
--I will probably spend most of Sunday sitting in gridlocked traffic. Boo! Hiss!
--I am incredibly tired of hearing about baseball. I could not care less about it under any circumstances, and at this point, I wouldn't start caring if all the players stripped naked and dipped themselves in cheese.
--We're the cool house with the good candy this year. Maybe we'll get real trick-or-treaters
--I burned myself twice tonight cooking dinner, which is pretty unusual and sucky for me.


Rose Red said...

Hope the traffic isn't too bad on Sunday and that you have the perfect ratio of kids to candy bars(which I assume is not as many kids as chocolate, so you get to eat the leftovers!)

Donna Lee said...

You don't have to come down here on Sunday. We'll see you next weekend when we fight the traffic to come in your direction. And I mean this with no guilt intended. I plan to spend the day spinning and knitting and doing a lot of nothing much.

Roxie said...

Listen to your mom. She'd rather see you rested and healthy than frazzled to a frayed knot by traffic. And this is a weekend when there will be a lot more accidents. (people get all pumped about the game, then bring their adrenalin into their driving.) Write her a tender e-mail and give her a big kiss next weekend. (Roxie, the bossy but rational friend.)

Have fun with the kidlets. Do you dress up to hand out candy? And do they have to get costumes that will fit over a parka like they do here? I've seen a lot of angels in galoshes and rain ponchos in my day.

We give out full-size bars, too, and put out three jack-o-lanterns to welcome the kids in. We get about 30 a year.

Galad said...

Hurray for being the cool house with full sized candy bars. I'm still at my son's house and we got no visitors last night as the weather was cold and rainy.