Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Work Blog... what's been keeping me busy of late. My boss was 'let go' about two weeks ago, and I'm still not entirely sure why. I was reassured, though, that it had nothing to do with me. While I was pleased to be told that it had nothing to do with my performance (which i didn't get. why would the fire him because i was bad at my job? wouldn't they just fire me, instead?) I feel bad for him. Nobody likes to be fired.

What this means for me is that I'm handling any leftovers from projects he was working on, and now I'm sort of in charge of our company blog. Our readership is pretty low, but we're building. And we'd gotten to the point where we would have at least two entries per week, and some pretty good content. The original plan was to put the blog on the back burner, but I sort of persuaded my new boss (one of the owners of the company, which is pretty weird) that we didn't want to lose our momentum. And, being an ass who never knows when she has enough work, I told him I'd be happy to provide content. If you're so inclined, you can head on over to blogDOTamericanmuscleDotcom (i'd provide a link, but then my whole department would be able to find the blog, and i'd be paranoid for all eternity) and see some of my finely crafted prose. Anything that's by AMStanger is me. It's been an adjustment, learning to write for the company blog, since the audience is so vastly different (largely men, who read at about the eighth-grade level). It's kep me busy, but I think it might have earned me some points, too.

What else have I been up to, you ask? Well, I've been battling a sinus infection for several days now (i broke down and saw my doctor yesterday, and i'm glad i did) and it was a losing battle for a while. However, I now have good drugs, and am on the mend. I've also been knitting busily away on some of the many, many scarves I have in progress. I promised myself that when everything I'm making for someone else is done, I can start a lace shawl for me. I'm leaning towards Adamas, but we'll see how that goes. There is still no spinning to report. Christmas took over my living room, and it's more trouble than it's worth to me to try to access my wheel and supplies right now. Soon, though, the clutter will be put away and I can spin again.

In other news, I went to the mall with a couple of lady friends over the weekend and got my finger sized. It's a size seven, which is a good thing, since that's the size most jewelry store sample rings are. And while we were there, I happened to try a few one. And since Colleen was with me, she took a few notes to pass along to Jim. I know he won't be looking for a ring with any seriousness for a while, but it was kind of nice (and very, very surreal) to see a bunch of pretty diamonds on my hand. Momolla thinks this is a strange way to go about things, and that we'll be married pretty soon (not likely). I think it was just a fun way to pass some time at the mall. And it means more to me that Jim is thinking about us getting married, because he doesn't normally think of the future the same way I do. It's nice to know he's thinking about us spending it together, though.

In review:

--If you Google search 'alien spine baby', this blog is the first thing that pops up. It's probably wrong, but I think that's incredibly cool.
--'Alien lung baby' still lists the blog on the front page.
--Sinus infections suck
--I'm writing for the company blog now, which is a very strange thing.
--I love Christmas, but can't wait to pack everything up this weekend.
--I have too much stuff. Time to donate!


Kate said...

If some of that stuff to donate is clothing, I could use it... I don't have much that's dressy at all. And if you make a list of clutter, I might be able to take some.

Rose Red said...

Trying on rings is a lot of fun. Giving them back to the shop at the end - not so much!!

Roxie said...

Writing the company blog looks way good on a resume! Good on you!

Trying on diamonds? Woo hoo!

Bells said...

Sorry all I can think is 'Em and Jim are engaged!!'

I know. I'm such a girl.

gay said...

i'm not much of a car head but i love the mustang blog. great job! i learned to drive on a 65 mustang ah memories!