Sunday, July 22, 2007


It's been well over a week, I think, since I last posted. Whoops! So much for staying on top of keeping this thing current! Still, it's my blog and I can update it when I have time.

Not much to report, really. Progress on my blanket for the knitalong is quite slow still, I'm going to have to spend all tonight and all this week knitting like a fiend. Not that I mind that so much, really. Knitting's so therapeutic, when you don't find a mistake six or seven rows back and have to frog the poor piece. I'm running out of yarn! This scares me more than a little, I really prefer to have too much rather than finding out that I have to go buy more. That's especially the case here, because the blanket is for somebody else, and becuase this yarn has a dyelot. I'm using Plymouth Yarn's Encore Colorspun. The ball band doesn't say what the color's called, but it's a bunch of bright, happy yellows and reds and pinks mixed in with white. I figure since it's variegated, I won't have to worry about the dye lot as much.

Kate's got the last Harry Potter book, and I can't hardly wait to read it when she's done, though I'll be sad to see the series ending. I'd considered waiting til Jim and I went on vacation, since I read these books in marathon mode (i don't move from the spot i'm reading in except for absolute necessities), and that's the first stretch of time I'll really have off from work, but it doesn't seem fair to Jim somehow.

I have to open my store with my evil manager tomorrow, and I'm really hoping he's in a decent mood. He gave himself the weekend off (again), and we ended up getting swamped, plus we got our stock shipment (henceforth referred to as "truck," just like at every other retail establishment) on Friday. The new guy and I managed to put everything away and even straighten up a little, but nothing we do is ever enough for our manager. He's really terrible.

Time to go knit til my fingers fall off!

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