Monday, July 23, 2007

So much for that...

...I borrowed Colleen's copy of the seventh Harry Potter book last night, and in between paroxysms of delight, I didn't really find any time for knitting. I'm a shamefully bad knitter. But I am a really kick-ass reader. Also a really tired one, as I stayed up til almost three this morning enjoying the wizardy goodness.

The manger from hell was actually pretty pleasant today, I was more than a little suprpised. Business was slow, so I ended up doing ont very much all day. I found out that "my" obscene phone caller is back, which was rather an unpleasant surprise. He knows where I work, what I look like, and where to reach me. Meanwhile, all I know about this dude is that he's creepy, has a terrible cell phone, and watches some really shitty porn, assuming that's where he gets his material. I'd sort of hoped that when I switched stores, he'd go away. Apparently, he hasn't. It's a little scary to know he figured out where I'd gone in a matter of weeks. Granted, the new store's not exactly far from the old one, butI didn't publicize the move. Anyway, I'm feeling all freaked out and vulnerable and pissed by a guy who's semi-stalking me that could be virtually anyone. Grr!

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Donna Lee said...

You get your second pair of socks when you cast them on, knit, knit,knit and then cast them off!