Sunday, September 16, 2007

Because Change is a Good Thing...


So I decided to go with a change. It was time. Granted, I'd done this before, but nothing's ever exactly the same twice, you know?

I'm a natural blonde, and for most of my life, my hair's been pretty long; at some points, it was down to my waist. It's fun, but inconvenient, and I always keep it pulled back. My senior year of high school, I had Momolla cut my hair up to my chin, and then we dyed it red. Bright red. Hey, look over here at my hair isn't it red red. That's the color we went with. It was great, but I couldn't afford the dye a few years ago, so I went back to blonde and let it grow out. Yesterday I went back to short and red. It's a little more coppery than I normally like it, but it's so much fun. For the record, the old cliche is wrong, redheads have more fun. Trust me, I've done both. So yeah, the hair's different, and I love it. I feel more like me with red hair. The other benefit is I don't have to listen to people tell my dumb blonde jokes and get offended when I don't laugh.

In other news, I bought a new car. I'm selling my current car to Jim's mom, she needs a sedan, and I need something with four-wheel drive. It's not that I'm looking to go offroading or anything, but it's a matter of needing a way to get around in bad weather. As it stands, Momolla and Dadums both have four-wheel drive cars, so when there's three inches of solid ice on the ground, I can borrow one of their cars to get to work. Once I move, I'll be on my own for getting to work. I'm not expecting massive amounts of snow, but Pennsylvania's good for at least one or two good winter storms, and when you're the new person at a retail gig, calling out of work unless you're clinically dead just isn't an option.

My new baby is a 97 Jeep Cherokee two-door model. It's got the Jeep straight six cylinder engine, which is pretty powerful and pretty reliable. It's also a manual transmission, which I have reallllly missed this last year or so. It's got no power things, which is exactly what I wanted, power windows and door locks just break, and I'm not looking for a car that's going to need lots of parts replaced. This car is soooo clean, too. The body's straight and in excellent shape, and it doesn't have too many miles. I'm excited to start driving her, but I can't get down to Motor Vehicles to get her registered and all legal-like til Tuesday. Wednesday, though, I'll be a happy little Emmy. Most of the credit for the new car goes to Jim, he found the ad and contacted the seller. He and Mike came and looked at it with me, and I think the three of us scared the poor guy, who's not mechanically inclined at all. Still, he sold it to me. It was a little out of my budget range, but Jim's helping me pay for it, so I'll manage things.

I've found religion. At least, that's what it feels like. I'm going to cast on for my very second sock (i've got about three and a half inches of two by two ribbing on a set of mom's needles that's just not fated to be), just as soon as I order some yarn. I've picked a pattern, Conwy, out of Momola's Knitting on the Road book. At least, I think that's the title, I haven't got it in front of me for reference. It's by Nancy Bush, and Mom found her traveler's stockings in it. The pattern doesn't look too terribly difficult, but it's a chart, and I've never worked off a chart. Plus, it's written for four needles. That should be an adventure. All I need to do is find me some sock yarn. This will probably become a habit, as I have discovered a love of handknit socks, and the only way to get a lot is to make them. Wish me luck!

edit:damn, i talk too much...


Rose Red said...

Conwy is a great pattern! You'll be fine with the charts, they are great once you get the hang of them.

I've always wanted to dye my hair red. Red red too. Am very envious of your red hair!

Donna Lee said...

I think you are a true redhead inside. The blonde was a facade and now the true you is bursting forth. Watch out world!

Georgie said...

As a former written pattern advocate, I've been recently converted to charts too. Dont stress, you'll be fine!

How funny, that as a natural blonde, you go red. How many THOUSANDS of women try to get away with those words every day -"natural blonde". Red sounds fabulously individual - good on you!