Monday, September 24, 2007

My Baby Loves the Dirt...

...By which I mean, I took my Jeep through the local woodland tract, and she handled it like a dream. Sunday, Mike and Jim and Colleen took Mike's truck (a ford bronco) and my Jeep out to play.

The woods have always felt like home to me. Our local state forest is lovely and peaceful and I've been camping or hiking or driving through it pretty much my whole life. Georgie, I'm not sure what your forest looks like, but ours is full of tall, slender pines that have bunches of needles towards the top halves, and lots of scrub bushes that turn a gorgeous red color in the autumn and only come up about to your knees in most parts. This is no forest primeval, but it still feels right, somehow. It suits our state--a little different, but comfortable nonetheless.

Tomorrow, Mike, Jim, and I are going up to Pennsylvania to look at the potential neighborhoods we'll be renting a house in. Did I mention we're looking for a house? Jim's sister, Colleen, will be moving in with us, so we can afford the rent. And more space would be nice. The guys, somewhat stereotypically, are mostly sitting back and watch as I drive myself to distraction trying to plan things (can we say type a personality?). Thankfully, Colleen's been helping with ideas and such.

In knitting news, I'm succumbing to the phenomena I think of as, "I have three months before Christmas, surely I can knit one baby blanket, four scarves, two sweaters, and nine pairs of socks" syndrome, which displays classic, easily identifiable symptoms. Sufferers have no sense of time, nor of proportion. They are willing to sacrifice sleep, eating, reading, and even making eye contact with their family, to meet the (impossible) goal. Early symptoms include thoughts or sentences that start with, "well, if I don't do any reading/sleeping/breathing/spending any time with friends, and I hurry and knit a lot every day, I could maybe do another scarf or two..."

I say this because I'm seriously considering making scarves for two of my friends for Christmas. The ugly scarf is moving along pretty quickly, for me, but not quickly enough for all that. Plus, I want to knit a blanket or something cute and baby-related for my boss's impending infant, and something along the lines of a teddy bear for her son. My cousin's scarf is stalled, because I loathe novelty yarns. It's just really frustrating to work with, but it doesn't look half bad. All this is going on while I've signed myself up for Julie's strikke-along, having decided that I'm making my first (real) socks from a pattern with a chart (another first), on four needles (eep!).

Time for bed now, I'm feeling decidedly lightheaded at the thought of all this knitting...


Georgie said...

Wow, you've got the Christmas knitting bug bad! How many days to go? ;-)

Your forests are pretty different to ours - dominated by eucalypts ("gum" trees") they are usually much more open and more untidy and greyer rather than green...hard to describe. Pine / conifer forests are so lovely and peaceful.

I love that connection with the places you've known forever - food for the soul!

Donna Lee said...

Less than 3 months till Christmas. Yep, you're right on schedule.

Olivia said...

Oh I have a terrible tendency to want to make things for everyone. Really the terrible part is that I don't know how time works and always think I can do about twice as much as I really can. So take my advice, avoid the stress and try to commit yourself to about 50% of what you want to!