Saturday, May 31, 2008

And She's Back!

Knitting and everything. The bribe sock has been cast back on, we are once again on speaking terms. And the wedding shawl plan is becoming more and more ambitious. I'm thinking of designing my own pattern. I was thinking about it today (in the shower, because that's where i do some of my best thinking, just me and my penguin buddy) and I think that the best, most meaningful pattern I could use for this would be a phoenix. See, the friend who's getting married hasn't had an easy, happy fun life. She spent a lot of years abusing herself and hurting herself and none of us, none of her friends, knew it. She had the strength to pull herself up and out, and she found her future husband after a really terrible, emotionally abusive relationship (i introduced them, i get full credit if this works out. if it doesn't, i don't know how they met). Thank all the powers that be that she was strong enough to help heal herself. (yeah, this is another one of my strong women, i really am surrounded by them) She decided to get a tattoo to remind herself of her strength and she chose a phoenix, rising from the ashes, covering her scars. And well, what better motif to celebrate her new life and her love than the risen phoenix?
The only problem with all this is that I can't seem to find a pattern that will work. I'm thinking of just doing a plain rectangle with a patterned middle. My friend isn't a very fancy, girly-girl, so something simple and meaningful will suit her better than frills and ruffles. I still have to figure out what color her dress is, but I happen to have a spy who can let me know so I don't sound stupid asking leading questions.

And in other adventures in girl land, Colleen decided to play with her hair, and drafted me to help. A professional I am not, but I do know my way around a highlighting kit. Coll wanted blonde highlights and some dark red streaks. The highlights came out okay, but the red left something to be desired. We went all out with this, we bought professional foil things and did everything the way you're meant to. And yet, instead of dark, dramatic red streaks, Colleen was left with bright, perky cotton candy bits, as well as some darker, fuschia color and every shade between. She was not pleased, and so today, we tried again. The ladies at our local beauty supply store are getting to know us pretty well. When Coll asked, the pros at the store told her that her best bet was to try to even the color out or color it, rather than stripping all the color out again. The color wouldn't be evened out, so instead, we coated her hair with a whole big bunch of dye and now it's a lovely dark red copper color. It only took three tries, but it's finally an acceptable color.

And that, my darlings, is all the babble I have for you tonight. Time for me to go watch the end of Poseidon, one of the worst movies I've seen in a long, long time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Galad said...

I love the phoenix idea. I know you will come up with something wonderful and take pictures for us!

Rose Red said...

I too love the phoenix idea - maybe you could pick it up in the colour/s you choose? reddish-orange for the flames, perhaps with some grey for the ashes?? Will be very interested to see what you come up with.

Donna Lee said...

You could make a shawl out of a woven fabric and embroider a phoenix in the middle. It would be beautiful. I am looking for something suitable. M deserves something lovely. Wedding socks, perhaps?