Sunday, May 18, 2008

You Brought Your Sunday Morning Sunshine... into my Monday morning rain... Well, maybe not so much. It's very definitely still raining. Again. Still. Some more. It stopped raining briefly this morning, and I started hoping I could work outside a bit, clouds or no. But then, it started raining again. Surprise!

On the bright side, this gives me an excuse to stay inside and relax. I've been listening to the first book of Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The Mists of Avalon" and spinning. Oh, how I love to let Davina Porter read to me while I knit or spin. I have been neglecting my knitting for the spinning, which I am abysmal at. I overspin my fibers, and they end up kinking. But my yarn is very strong, at least. It's kind of nice to be this new at something, and to be learning. With knitting, I've done enough and seen and read enough that I feel almost obligated to be better than I really am. But with spinning, I can revel in being a novice. It's a liberating feeling. I'm searching e-bay for a wheel, but I'm enjoying playing with my drop spindle. So far, what I've spun is only good enough to tease the cat with. But she does love my ugly brown handspun. Momolla gave me some gorgeous purple Corriedale to play with, and I feel almost bad spinning it. I'm thinking I'll knit some placemats from the ugly brown stuff, then felt them. It'd be kind of artsy, and the felting would make it more difficult to tell how poorly the yarn was spun. I hope. If the lighting were any good at all today, I'd post some pictures of the crap yarn I've made. But sadly, the lighting in my house sucks. Maybe it's something else I can blame on the rain! When the big yellow thing in the sky comes out again, I will take some pictures for you all.

The Tour de France Knitalong is coming up. I'm debating whether or not to join. Last year, I was not exactly good about updating the people who ran the knitalong. But then, it would give me a great reason to post more often, and to put up more pictures. I'm leaning towards yes, and using it as an opportunity to knit something fun. Maybe. Probably.

If I'm babbling today, you'll have to bear with me. I went to a bachelorette party for one of my sorority sisters last night, and for the very first time, I was drunk (no worries, momolla. i had a designated driver. and i was only a little drunk. no puking or telling everyone how drunk i was or doing things i can't remember or showing people naked pictures of my self {the maid of honor was *very* drunk. but remarkably coordinated}). I can almost see why people want to be drunk now, the floaty feeling was a little fun. Of course, the even more impaired brain-mouth filter was not necessarily a good thing. And the lack of control is a little alarming for my type-a self. I spent the whole ride home babbling to Colleen about various things. She kept giggling at me and telling me how cute I was, so I cling to the hope I wasn't obnoxious. And yes, I did refrain from telling anyone "Dude, I'm soooo wasted!" which means I couldn't have been terribly drunk. Around here, the more you drink, the more compelled you are to tell everyone how drunk you are. One more reason I never went to college parties. My wonderful roommate agreed to be my designated driver, so I could imbibe safely. She also took me home and fed me bread and water and an aspirin. And this morning, I don't feel hungover. Still, I'm pretty sure I'm not cut out to be a partier.

Time to go spin some more and enjoy the delicious Davina reading to me. Happy Sunday!


Donna Lee said...

Actually, the roving I gave you is Romney. And thanks for the reassurance that you were not telling all your secrets to the world while drunk. Go ahead and spin the romney and tell me how you like it. I like it so much better than the ugly brown stuff. That would make ugly placemats. Maybe we should just leave it out back for the squirrels?

Galad said...

I feel about knitting socks the way you feel about spinning. I make a lot of mistakes, but it is fun to just try something new and enjoy the trip. Sounds like the new roving will be a fun color to play with.

My daughter is dragging butt this weekend and sees the doctor Wednesday to find out her test results. She has so-so insurance but it is better than none! Thanks for asking :-)

Bells said...

You're in a sorority? Can you talk about that? I always see sororities on American TV and wonder if they're as awful as they make out - all bitchy and horrible. But if you're in one they can't be so bad.

I actually never really thought real people were in them, as if they were just a TV/movie thing, because I've never 'met' anyone who really was in one!

Rose Red said...

Oh, I'm with Bells! Do tell! Spill all the secrets. Have a drink while you're at it! (hee hee!). And yes, one of the secrets to avoid or minimising a hangover is to drink lots of water before going to bed. And then vegemite toast in the morning. Yum!

Amy Lane said...

Actually, a friend of mine in college called that "the mating call of the single blonde: dude, I'm sooooooo drunk!"

Enjoy the spinning and the book on tape--that actually sounds like the epitome of peace.

Bells said...

you've been tagged!

Galad said...

I didn't see that Bells had already tagged you so I did too. Now I guess you really have to do your meme :-)