Friday, June 20, 2008

Following the Leader

Because I am ever a follower (at least, when the people leading are doing cool stuff, anyway), I have joined the Tour de France Knitalong again. I'm on Team Slipstream-Chipotle. How cool is that name? This year, I'm aiming to knit a pair of socks in the allotted time. For me, it's quite the challenge. I lost track of how long it's been since I started the bribe socks. I have so much lovely sock yarn, I need only pick a skein. A pattern should be more challenging. I want something easy, but not quite a plain vanilla pattern again. Looks like it's time to hit the Internets! Right, because the very last thing I need is another excuse to spend time on my computer. I see my timing for joining Ravelry was pretty good, eh?

Today, I am being remarkably lazy. I laid in bed reading til about noon, and I'm not sorry for it. Today is my first real day off in a week or two, and my last for about the same. I think I'm working six days and some crazy hours for next week--my manager will be gone and we're not sure who his replacement will be yet. Our third service writer left a note telling us that he wouldn't be in town this weekend, but that we should call him if we needed him to work Monday. I'm thinking of finding him and relieving him of a few appendages. Without a definite manager, this is pretty much the very last thing we need right now. But, we'll cope.

At any rate, the house is mostly clean, the weather's a bit iffy to be out in the garden (thunderstorms are being called for) and the most I have to do today is some laundry and a bit of shopping. Not such a bad deal, eh? I'm pretty much caught up on life, and that's a lovely feeling, isn't it? The most worrying thing on my plate right now is waiting for my test results from the lady doctor. I should be hearing back sometime next week. Fortunately for me, Dr. Paula is great, and she appreciates my sense of humor. As a Wood, if you present me with something serious and potentially worrisome, I feel myself obligated to make smartass remarks about it. When I told her I was the envy of all the girls back home, she told me that if I wanted to have a colposcopy party, she'd give us a discounted rate. And this, my friends, is why I drive back to New Jersey every time I need to see the lady doctor.

And for the moment, that's all the news there is from over here. I'll be trying to post more often for the knitalong, and to keep the habit up. No, no. Really. Yes, I mean it. Honest. I swear. (i give it a month, any bets on how long the frequent updating lasts, ladies?) Welcome to the weekend!

edited to add: I spoke too soon, I ended up getting called in to work for a few hours because my assistant manager needs to pick her daughter up from day care. I had to cancel a date with Jim and everything. I'm not normally a vindictive person (stop laughing momolla, it's true!), but when I find Mark the Errant Service Writer, I will harm him severely. In a thoroughly professional and friendly way, of course.


Galad said...

Do you need any help with Mark the Errant Service Writer? I'm sure some of us would be willing to help him see the error of his ways:-)

Bells said...

Screw the professionalism my dear. Just do away with him. You had your day off ruined and I'm furious on your behalf! I would be going insane.

Rose Red said...

Glad you are on Rav and also in the tour! (I think that your team name is the coolest!)

Donna Lee said...

Go ahead. Kill the guy. I'll give you an alibi. What are mothers for?

secrethandshake said...

My uncle was just telling me today about this assassin that would go to bars and 'accidently' spill his drink (really liquid cyanide) on his victim. This struck me as a really tidy way of knocking peeps off.

Have you noticed most of us responding are only going on about offing the guy? I guess, like, good luck with the knitting and stuff too.