Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm finally done my delightful seven-day work marathon. There's some good news in there--my manager put his notice in. After this Saturday, he will no longer be working with my company. Huge sighs of relief are being heaved all through the store. The only down side is that now that he's decided he's leaving, he doesn't give a shit about anything. At all. But then, that was the case before he put his notice in, too, so it's not really much of a change.

At any rate, tomorrow is my first island of freedom in this busy ocean of work, and I will be spending it in Jersey, so as to visit the doctor. I went in for my regular lady doctor checkup and was told I needed a colposcopy because (once again) my pap smear was abnormal. Not to give you folks too complete a history, but my paps are always abnormal (seriously, in four or so years of seeing the lady doctor, i have had one normal test) and even though they're not the alarming sort of abnormal, the doctor is recommending more testing (this has a lot to do with the huge rates of cancer in my dad's family). A colposcopy is basically just a test to screen me for any pre-cancerous cells, and it's nothing really major or life-changing, but it is no fun. I've had one before, and I was crampy and uncomfortable for a few days afterwards (why does the doctor always say "there will be a slight pinch" when she means "this will be quite an unpleasant feeling, the likes of which you will hope never to experience again"?). Jim has graciously agreed to drive me to Jersey and Momolla will be taking me to the appointment and back. Momolla is also bribing us to stay for dinner, there will be grilled meat and homemade potato salad. Who can argue with that? I'm planning to take some good painkillers and knit a few more inches on my second bribe sock. All in all, it won't be a bad day. Just not quite as restful as I'd originally hoped. But hey, there's potato salad.

And sadly, that's about all I have for you folks tonight. Sorry for the lack of meaningful content, my brain is a bit (more) scrambled (than usual). I promise to post a blog with something interesting, or at least some pictures, later in the week. I hope this week goes along smoothly and well for you all.

Oh, and I've joined Ravelry. My username is Emmyjane4286. Stop on by to say hi.


Galad said...

You and my daughter seem to be working the same kinds of horrendous hours. Here's hoping the new manager is a good one. That makes such a difference.

Sorry to hear about your appointment. I've had a number of those lovely procedures over the years and they never found anything significant. The script about the "slight pinch" must be one they give all doctors in medical school!

Hope the potato salad therapy relieves any residual aches.

Rose Red said...

erk - hate those lady doctor visits - hope it goes ok, both test wise and also results wise. Nice home-cooked dinner and knitting sounds like a great recovery remedy.

Yay for joining Ravelry - it rocks!