Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Here's to 2010

the year that was not quite as bad as the one before. I'm not going to be sorry to see it go, though it was much better than 2009. In 2010, I learned about loss, about family, about love, and about myself.

This year, I lost my Aunt Joan. She was my grandmother, and I think about her often. My Aunt Anna Marie lost her mother, who was another grandmother-figure to me, and another strong, wonderful woman. I miss them both, and will do my best to honor their memories. We lost so many other family members that one of my hopes for 2011 is that it will be the year nobody dies.

In 2010, I learned what it's like to enjoy your job and to contribute in a real way to a company's success. Conversely, I learned what it's like to be told you're no longer contributing, and to handle professional adversity with professionalism and class (mostly, anyway).

This year, I reminded myself how strong I am and trained and raised money and walked in the SGK 3 Day for the Cure. It's still one of the best things I have ever done, ever, and is likely to remain high on the list. I didn't honestly think I could walk as far as I did, or that I would be as moved as I was to participate in such a huge, joyful event. It turns out, sometimes my body doesn't fail me.

2010 was a year of love. I spent more time with my Jersey friends and my family than I have in a long time, and I have made some amazing new friends who I am honored to know so well. I put as much love out into the world as I could, and have had so much love returned to me.

I learned that I can push myself hard and that I can do amazing things. I also learned that when I push myself too hard, I make myself sick and miserable and that nobody benefits from that. So for this next year, I'm going to concentrate on making time for myself, to do the things I do for me. Blogging is on that list, and so is cooking. I can count the number of home-cooked meals I have eaten this month on one hand. That's not healthy or fun.

What 2010 wasn't a year of was time or balance or rest. It ended up being a year of frantic running and squeezing time for me and the practical bits of living (like laundry and vacuuming) in around everything else. I gave so much of myself and my time that I didn't have any of me left for me. So I'm working on deciding between two themes for 2011, either peace or balance. I could use more of both in my life.

So here's to a 2011 with more blogging (some of it might be interesting), more relaxing, more real food, more enjoying the moments I'm in, and just as much love (can't start slacking now). Here's to a 2011 with less insane schedules, no major losses, and much less drama.

In Review:
--Phew, 2010 was a bad time to be part of our family. We had a lot of losses.
--2010 definitely = love. Much love. So hey, mission accomplished.
--2011=? Either peace or balance. We'll see which speaks to me more over the next few days.


Roxie said...

Remember that balance is not static. Think of riding a bicycle. If you stop moving, you fall over. If you are moving, you are constatntly balancing.

Peace is a byproduct. All best wishes for your new year and may your balance incidentally bring you peace.

Galad said...

Hope the new year is full of love, success and forward movement on your life journey (plus plenty of fiber and fun)

Inaie said...

happy New Year!!

and remember that missing someone, just reminds us how happy or loved ( or both) we were.

Whitey Lawful said...

Rest in peace and have a good trip.

Toyin O. said...

Wishing both peace and balance in 2011.

Nick Corizzi's blog said...
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firezdog said...

Thanks for this.

People come and go, I'm afraid. There's no such thing as "the year nobody dies".

But as long as we have lived a good death, it doesn't seem to me so bad that we have to die. And I try to remind myself that I do not know, and probably cannot know, at least for the moment, whether death is really the end.

firezdog said...

Oops -- I meant "lived a good life" -- but "lived a good death" suggests something odd and perhaps not impossible to my mind.

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