Monday, October 22, 2007

Yeah, I'm a Liar...

My original intent was to post pictures this past Saturday, when I left work early, but, well.... Basically, shit happened. This weekend, to put it mildly, has been rough.

The first part of Friday night was great. Seeing the Yarn Harlot in person was so much fun! Granted, the evening wasn't enhanced by Atilla the Marketing Hun, (she actually said to a lackey, "there are people just sitting and standing around. do something about it!"), but Stephanie speaks so well and is so engaging, it more than made up for the Marketing Hun. I keep wondering if I write a letter to Borders and use the nickname instead of her real name (i've forgotten it, i'm terrible with names), they'll know who I mean. If you'd like a good account of the evening, and some pictures, Momolla wrote a great account of it.

I have to preface the next bit by saying that Jim and I traded trucks on Friday, so he could go offroading in the pines with our friend Mike, who also has a truck. The idea (at the time) was that Mike and Jim would go out and drive on some trails they were familiar with. Well. I got a text at about ten thirty, telling me Mike's truck was stuck in a puddle. Dadums and I drove out in Mom's truck (yay, mom!!!), got there about midnight. To get to the truck, I had to drive through puddles that would easily have been up to or above my knees. Now, I'm short, but that's still a lot of water to drive a heavy truck through at night. Still, I made it (and dad may never insult my ability to drive again), and we managed not to get Mike's truck out. I also discovered that this was not puddle. This was a pond. Mike drove his truck into a pond. In the end, we left it at around three, and Jim and I were in bed by four. We both had to be up at seven. Ohhhh, the fun we had. I left work a little early, and had Momolla's car cleaned. After that, things went fairly well, and Jim and I even managed to get to bed early.

Sunday morning was uneventful, too (oh, dear, i think i see a pattern. i may just become a morning person), I had a short day at work. Jim came over for dinner, and we had a great evening with Momolla and Dadums. When we got back to Jim's place, we found out his Mom wasn't well. At all. So, I did the second terrifying thing in two days. I called 911. Once the paramedics had forced Mrs. Jim's Mom into the ambulance (she did NOT want to go), I followed them to the hospital. I got hopelessly lost on the way a few times, due to six different sets of bad directions. We stayed there for a while, then were told we should go home, Mrs. Jim's Mom was sleeping and the doctors were waiting for test results. It being the early hours of the morning, we didn't argue much. We heard from her today, it looks like she'll be in the hospital about a week, if not longer. So, if you guys could just send some positive, warm energy out to this nice lady who's having a tough time and her family, who're also having a tough time, it'd be great.

Also, I ripped the socks out. Again. On Friday, about twenty minutes before we left to see the Yarn Harlot, I went to look at them, and lo and behold, my point protectors had failed me, and I had dropped at least half a dozen stitches down to nearly my first row. Much swearing was used, and I even taught Kate a new phrase. Mom, of course, did not approve. She has, however, bribed me. Bribes are fun, when they result in some lovely baby alpaca wool. Her theory is that this sock is too difficult for me, and that I should start with something simper. So, to humor her (and score some pretty yarn), I am going to make a basic sock, glaring all the while at the pretty, pretty yarn that hates me, which I might take to a witch doctor or something to have whatever curse that's upon it removed.

This is quite the post, I'm afraid. I've never been good at concise writing, especially when I'm distressed. I want to use adjectives, they're fun! At any rate, I will hopefully blog with some good news, knitting or otherwise, soon. On the other hand, if you read about any spectacular explosions in New Jersey, or hear about somebody defying logic, gravity, or other factual, scientific things to her doom, yeah. That'll be me.


Donna Lee said...

I'll give you some of my karma from the karma bank. I can't wait to see some soft, warm, baby alpaca socks on your feet, knit with your own capable hands. Then we will perform an exorcism on the blue yarn and you can make a pair of conwys. btw, I love you. You are a pretty terrific kid.

Rose Red said...

N'oor, your mum is so nice!!

Hope your next weekend is better, you can do the sock (I know you can!) and lots of good wishes to Jim's mum and his family, hope she is doing better soon.

Georgie said...

Wow, what a weekend!

Warmest wishes ansd thoughts to Jim's mum, and big hugs to you and Jim. I hope they get it sorted soon and all is well. How terrifying to have to call 911.

I think the plan to start with a simple sock is a good one - once you've kicked it's butt, and the naughty yarn has had some Time Out, you'll get that fancy one sorted no problems!