Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm not dead yet!

I made it through the week, and then some, with the help of some chocolate, some pretty yarn, and some insanity. Seriously, I must be out of my mind.

Friday night was much better this time, Jim and I cohosted a Halloween party that was lots of fun, fairly small and quiet. The weekend, of course, was consumed by working, but Momolla and Kate and I still managed to make it to a yarn store. Momolla bought me some gorgeous Claudia's sock yarn, it's colorway Argyle 2, black shot through with gray and electric blue. Mrs. Jim's Mom came home from the hospital on Monday, thankfully. Thanks for the good wishes and the karma, ladies! Tuesday was kinda fun, I gave Jim what I think of as a do-over birthday (he spent his actual birthday at work and trying to cope with his mom being in the hospital), I decorated the apartment a little and cooked my first lasagna for him while Mike took him to look at truck things, then after dinner we met up with some friends to play pool. Goodness, that's a long sentence! Anyway, the day went well, which was good for him.

And through this all, I have been knitting my bribe socks, as I think of them. This baby alpaca is jut nice to work with. It's soft and pretty(and it doesn't leap off the needles when left alone unsupervised) and it's very soothing to just knit for a while, without worrying about patterns or ribbing or what have you. Nice, simple garter stitch. And it's quick, or I'd not be saying "nice, simple garter stitch." The ugly scarf progresses apace, but I've just noticed that my tension has become drastically different at this point in the scarf than it was at the beginning. Shit? Shit. I'm debating the merits of ripping it out again and just buying an ugly camo scarf. Wait, I didn't mean that. Well, not really... Still, I'm learning the benefits of keeping an eye on tension throughout a project, instead of, say, three quarters of the way through it. So, how bad would it look if I just made my last several rows really tight, and made it look intentional (this is marching band thinking--if you screw up, act like it's supposed to be that way and maybe noone will notice)? The first few inches are much narrower and tighter than the middle section. Me am smart. Me am make things with stick and strings. Me am say knitting guud.

In other news in the world of Em, our newest minion at work is stealing shit, the rat bastard, and trying to blame it on my co-worker. We've reported him to loss prevention, but they seem to be dragging their feet on the matter. We think he's going to show up pretty clearly on camera taking a radar detector out of the store without paying for it. It's a two hundred dollar accessory he ordered with someone else's information so he wouldn't get blamed. Plus, he's stolen at least one other part, so his grand total for parts we're aware of is close to three hundred dollars. I feel kinda bad turning the guy in, he's not a bad guy, and I used to work with his dad, who I happen to really like. But for goddess' sake, he keeps the stolen stuff in his car! He honestly thinks we're too stupid to realize he's taken it. The rat bastard.

Right. That's enough of that. Time to listen to some book on mp3 (Grave Surprise, by Charlaine Harris), and knit something. Yes, knitting will soothe me. Tomorrow I take my friend who's home from Iraq up to Trenton to see my friend who's smart enough to be a brain surgeon but who wants to be a nurse. It should be a lovely trip.


Rose Red said...

Oh Claudia's is lovely yarn! Sorry about the stealing colleague - not good! Hope you find some soothing-ness in the knitting!

Bells said...

I've heard lovely things about claudia's yarn (via RoseRed). You must post photos of what you make with it!

Donna Lee said...

Stealing colleagues are the pits. Especially when you know the family. I can't wait to see what you make with the black/neon blue yarn. They will be some beautiful socks.

Georgie said...

Rat bastards at work are not nice.

Looking forward to seeing some sock pics! Shame about the scarf tension, especially when its not something youre really enjoying. Would blocking it help to even it out??