Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting Things in Order...

...because I finally reached my breaking point. I've hardly been online this week, because I've dedicated the vast majority of my time off to my house. I will be honest with you all, I am not by nature a neat person (mom, you may want to sit down. i know this shocks you to the core). But even I have my limits and my pride. And honestly, if anyone had come to visit me in my house, I'd have been ashamed to host them. This, I decided was not the way I want to live my life. I pay good money for rent each month, and I work hard to be able to afford to live here. I have a beautiful house and (mostly) attractive furniture. And yet, my roomies and I have been living in a shithole.

And so, the house (most of it, the third floor was out of the question, it needs the most work. but the work will be done, and soon. i am determined to be able to live in this house comfortably) was cleaned. Scrubbed. Polished. Organizers were bought for the bedroom, cleaning supplies for the whole house. Bags upon bags of trash have gone to the curb. Glass has been cleaned, huge hulking TVs moved. I have spent more hours than I like to think about cleaning, but the house looks good. If you were all to wander over (and you're welcome any time) and surprise (i like surprises!) me with a visit, I would be happy and proud to show you around. And this, this is how I would like to be able to live. So I have made a few changes, and a few resolutions to myself. I aim to spend a few minutes every day cleaning up after myself. I know, basic. But if I just loaded my things into the dishwasher after I'd used them, the kitchen would look a million times better. If the laundry went in the basket, I could walk to my bed. I aim to dust and otherwise maintain the house once a week, so that this level of clean is the norm. The roomies and I are working on a chore rotation so that nobody feels like the maid. I think our biggest problem will be training the boys to see dirt. But we will persevere. Because, ultimately, I'd like to be able to have people come over and be able to relax and take their shoes off (for a few months, i wouldn't walk in the kitchen in bare feet. it's summer, i live in bare feet) and settle into the couch without thinking it smells funky. So, yes. Cleaning will be done and maintained.

In order to do that, I am going through many of the things that have been left in boxes or just piled on the dresser or the floor, and I am paring them down. Things I am truly attached to stay. Things that I have no use for, won't miss, have duplicates of, and have forgotten about can all go. I'm collecting quite a bunch of donations for Good Will. So I'm trying to simplify the things I have and the way that I live, a little at a time. I know that if I go through and totally change everything, it won't stick. And I know there will be days that I decide I don't feel like cleaning when I get home, and I slip. But I know that each day is a chance to prove to myself that I can be the person that I choose to be, and live the life I choose to live. I can do this on my terms, and I can succeed or fail by my own will.

And due to this cleaning frenzy, there is not a lot of other news to report. I am still working away at my wips, trying to thin the herd a bit. I don't think I'll ever be into project monogamy, it's just not my style. But I do like to keep the number of things I'm working on down to a few small things or a small thing and a big (relatively. big for me) thing. Variety is good, but I have issues with seeing things through, so it's also good for me to stick with something until it's done.

And that's the news from the World of Em. May your weekend be peaceful and lovely.


Donna Lee said...

That sounds like a plan. And it's amazing what a difference a laundry basket makes in the 'keeping the clothes off the floor thing'. Good luck with the cleaning schedule. I's tough to make new habits.

Galad said...

I'm impressed! Do you want to come do my house? I started doing one load a day of laundry and putting it away - what a difference - no weekend pile up.

Good luck with keeping the house a place you want to live :-)

Rose Red said...

I also wish you best of luck - keeping the house clean is a great aim to have - I know it should be easier for me than it is so I really congratulate you on making it a reality!

Hope you have a great weekend too!