Friday, August 29, 2008

Reason I Loathe my Job Number 7,983,635... that I have to go in early on my late day and probably not take a lunch/dinner break today. Chuck The Slimy Bastard (he's everything that's wrong with my industry, all rolled up into one person) never showed up or called today, so I have to go in early. And then I am working a disgusting amount this weekend, culminating in an eleven-hour marathon on Labor Day. You know, the American holiday where we celebrate the laborers of the country. Yup. But anyway, that's enough of that ranting and raving. Still working on finding another gig, and when I do, it will be marvelous!

Thanks for all the cheering and support for the list. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it, like I can actually take this and accomplish something. Some of my goals are kind of frivolous, and some are pretty serious, but they're all aimed at making me more the person that I want to be and helping me live the life I want to live. More than anything, I want to be at peace with myself. There are some things I feel I need to do before that can happen, and I look forward to doing them and to exploring my reasons for feeling as I do. And the nice thing is that there's no pressure, aside from the knowledge that if I have posted my intent and mentioned these things publicly, I'll look kind of stupid if none of them ever get done.

Not much on the knitting front to report, as I'm still plugging away at all my many WIPs. However, progress is being made and I have not given up hope, nor thrown my commitment to myself away and cast anything on, even something tiny. I am nearly done the first sock of the pair, and am making nice headway on the random one-row scarf. Not much else has been touched, but if I can knock even two projects of of the WIP pile, it'll be a nice step forward. I'm closer to picking out a pattern for the wedding shawl, but I'm still torn over colors. I'm still operating in the dark as to what color the dress will be, apparently that's not being picked out til December, nor are the bridesmaids gowns. I'm thinking I may opt to try to match or complement the bridesmaids gowns rather than try to match white. With my luck, it'll be a shade off, and that would irk me to no end.

At any rate, time to go finish my laundry so I can head into work and save the day. Again. Hope your weekend is restful and fun!


Galad said...

Sorry your weekend won't be restful and fun. I continue to have faith that something better will come along for you.

I think the secret to these kinds of lists is to celebrate what you do accomplish and know you are further ahead than you would otherwise have been. Most of us tend of kick ourselves for what didn't get done.

From my long yours of perspective, the inner peace issue is a lifetime work in progress :-)

Hope you find a little time for yourself this weekend and congrats on your WIP progress.

Donna Lee said...

Sucky for you. I am sending stomach upsetting thought waves at Chuck. Maybe he will be upchuck. Tee hee. bad really bad pun.

I love you!