Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tour de Failure...

...which is the only clever name I could think of for this post. I know, it's a little punny. But it works better than "uhhhh..." which was my other option (feel free to make fun of me, just do it when you're pretty sure i'm not listening, eh?). What can I say, I feel a little brain dead.

It's been damn near a month since I last posted, and I have met precisely none of my stated goals. I have finished less than one sock (i turned the heel and ran out of steam.), and posted... Well, we won't discuss the lack of posting. But I have a reason, friends. The reason is work. I know, I know, that is my eternal reason for everything that is wrong in the world.

But it's not just my stupid job, it's my search for a job that is less stupid. I have been sending our resumes, filling out applications, and bribing voodoo priestesses to try and find a better gig. There seems to be a lack of jobs about, though. At least, there is a lack of jobs that fit my criteria, since I'm not really willing to take a huge pay cut (or even a wee one, really. i like to pay rent, it's much better than living in my car), work the swing shift, or deal drugs. However, there is hope. A local car dealership really, really reallllllllly wants me to work for them. The hours are better, with Sundays off each week, it's even closer to home (who thought someone who drives eleven miles each way would ever be able to say that?) I would finally have a dress code instead of a uniform (i could wear a different colored shirt every single day, and nobody would care! i could wear a skirt! i feel faint, better not even contemplate shoes...), and it would be much easier to fit classes into my schedule around work (the other big perk is that i don't feel so dumb imagining putting my two weeks notice in. actually, i savor every delicious, imaginary moment). The only problem is, the manager at this dealership really wants me to sell cars. The thought of selling cars has never even crossed my mind. I'm not entirely sure I'd be good at it. And yet, the thought's a little intriguing. I may actually be good at it. And if I'm not, I can become a salaried employee, rather than working on commission. If I really, truly, completely fail, there is another job available that they want to put me in, but it's mostly driving parts around and selling parts occasionally. I really feel a little overqualified for it, but the idea of a safety net is nice. So, what do you guys think? Could I sell big, shiny pretty things for a living? Is it worth the risk? I could make me some nice money if this pays off. Of course, I could end up making about what I am now, but at that point I haven't really lost anything, true? Or I could discover that I truly hate sales and that Pep Boys was my one true purpose in life, and that they won't take me back for love nor money.

Aside from the job hunt, things are relatively peaceful. The NFL Hall of Fame Game was on tonight, which marks the beginning of the pre-season (i think, maybe), which causes spasms of delight in Jim. Football soon (the american kind, jim hasn't got the attention span for any other type)! Know what that means? So much more knitting time (gotta do something while i pretend to watch the game.) . I mean, bonding time. Yes, lots of time for me and Jim to sit together and bond in front of America's favorite vice.

In other news, Dadumms flies this Saturday. Jim and I both took the day off to drive down and watch him, because it's going to be SO. COOL. to watch Dadumms do something he's always dreamed of. Kate and El have plans, so they can't make it, but I wanted to make sure there was somebody there to cheer Dadumms on. And to take tons of pictures. I'll see if I can get a couple of shots for you guys. If not, maybe I'll convince Jim to take me to see the fuzzies (alpackys, in aussie) and get a couple of shots for you guys. At any rate, it should be a good time. Jim and I are driving down to Atlantic City, New Jersey, the night before and staying at a casino hotel down there, which will make our ride quite a bit shorter come morning. Mr. Jim's Dad gets perks at one of the casinos, so the room should be free or ridiculously cheap. We figure we'll have dinner, play the slots, and relax after work, then head out early in the morning to get to the airport in time.

And that's all the news I have for you all at the moment. I'll keep you apprised of the job situation as I'm able. Thanks for you patience with the complete lack of posting, once things are more stable and I'm less wound-up, we should return to business as usual. That's right, three or maybe even FOUR posts per month!


Bells said...

Welcome back! Was beginning to think your blog was a figment of my imagination!!!

To sell cars or not to sell cars? I reckon if someone REALLY wanted me to do it, I'd give it a go. I know nothing about cars, not enough to speak of, but I'd learn if someone thought I was that worthwhile employing!!

Galad said...

My daughter and I had the conversation about selling cars because someone offered her a job doing it.

After talking to several of our friends who have sold cars, she decided not to. There is potential to make really good money(though not so sure about right now). It also requires an ability to sell cars to people who may not really be able to afford it, among other practices. I found an article at for her that you might want to read while you are considering. You can find it at

Good luck with your decision. I'll keep a good thought for you.

Donna Lee said...

Might be a tough job in this economy. I'm sure you'll do well at whatever you try.

Rose Red said...

I'm sure you could sell cars - you have the gift of the gab (at least in writing!) and I think that's a huge part of it - and I think it's a great thing for a woman to get into - there are so few female car saleswomen - you'd do great with the female market (and no doubt the men as well!)