Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am Never Broken...

... even when there are a couple of holes in me. As Momolla mentioned, we don't have good news from the procedure on Tuesday. Still, we don't have much news at all, so that's not necessarily a terrible thing. Basically, the lining around my lung looks healthy, which is a good sign, but the alien lung baby is also chilling right up on my spine, which is a less good thing. It's still removable, the doctors just want to be completely, totally sure they know exactly what it is before they go in and remove it now, since it could affect my spinal column. Momolla's pretty upset about this, and I think Dadumms was a little worked up, too, but Jim and I are taking this all in stride. Perhaps it's because we've been living the nightmare firsthand for so much longer, who knows? But at this point, I'm not even really all that surprised that the first round of tests from the procedure wasn't definite. None of the other procedures have come back with a definitive answer, it doesn't seem too unreasonable that this one wouldn't, too. The exact nature of Laslow-Mitford has been pretty difficult to pin down from the first.

I'm in a fair amount of pain, since there are a couple of holes in my side and back, but I've got some decent medicine to take the edge off. I'm trying to get up and moving when I can, and to eat and drink as frequetly as possible, since the meds make you nauseous on an empty stomach.
Through all of this, Jim has been amazing. He was there when I woke up from the procedure and he stayed as long as he was allowed (he said at one point, i looked up and asked him "will you stay with me and hold my hand" and it just about broke his heart. i was on reallllly good drugs and have no memory of this.) and fed me ice chips when I surfaced from the drugs and held my hand and basically was there. I can't tell you how comforting his presence was. He has tended me gently and thoughtfully since we came home yesterday. He reminds me to take all my pills, even the gross ones, he lets me lean on him when I need to stand up or sit down or otherwise move. He brings me ice chips and cleans up the puke in the trashcan and helps me get washed (no shower til tomorrow night. ick!) and reaches things for me and is sweet and wonderful and without him to lean on, I would be in deep, deep trouble.

We're waiting about another week for the latest test results, and as soon as I have them, I will share them. I'll try to keep you guys updated as I can. Thanks so much for all the good wishes and the hugs. Hopefully, I'll be more present online this week, as I wean myself of the pain pills. For the moment, I babble and I'm sleepy all the time, so not everything I post may make sense.


Bells said...

for someone clearly high as a kite on all the good stuff, you sound amazing.

And Jim - dude you are fabulous. Isn't it a special gift to be so cared for?

As for Laslow-Mitford, hasn't he go the message yet? It's time to be gone. The visit is OVER!

RoseRed and I are going to be at knitting camp and therefore off line all weekend so we'll catch up with any news at the end of our weekend.

Julie said...

I always found that the best thing to eat to avoid nausea with narcotics is Ben and Jerry's Phish Phood. There are legit, scientific reasons, but who cares?

Glad you're feeling well enough to post, and hope the improvement keeps up, dramatically.

Rose Red said...

Glad to hear you are at home, and have wonderful Jim to look after you - you are both very lucky to have each other.

Dianne said...

That darn alien's time to get it's nasty self out of there! Do I need to open up that can of Whoop Ass?

Seriously, I'm glad you have Jim there to take such good care of you. Hugs all around.

Roxie said...

In the bad old days they would have slit you from stem to stern just to have a look. Thank God it's just a few holes. And thanks to all the powers that be for Jim! Now, let's get definitive results and swift, clean excision and speedy healing with more good drugs.

(They won't give me Demerol any more. I like it WAYYYY too much!)Babble all you want. It's cute!

Galad said...

You make more sense than many people do sans drugs :-)

Jim is awesome and I'm so glad he is taking good care of you.

Take it easy but don't knit anything patterned - it could get ugly.

Monique said...

Have been thinking about you this week. I can't believe the saga this has become for you. Jim is a darling. You are blessedto have him and such wonderful family em. Hugs to you.