Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tentative Surgery Date...

...I'm scheduled for the 26th, since it will be an all day cut-o-rama of fun for my surgeon. Because of the type of tumor this is (totally benign! i love saying that!) there may be some spinal involvement. So, I might need a neurosurgeon to tag-team with my thoracic surgeon. The surgery will probably take even longer then, but the recovery time will still be the same. I'm aiming for the shortest recovery time ever. I'm one of their youngest patients, that dream doesn't seem too far out of reach to me. I should have a definite date by Monday or Tuesday, so I can start getting things planned and ready to go. How weird is it, I'm looking forward to this surgery like some people look forward to a vacation? I'm double-excited for it, because this is pretty much definitely the cause of the back pain I've been dealing with for so long. Once the alien spine baby is gone, so is the back pain. Plus, breathing again! How cool will 100% lung capacity be? And laughing without coughing when I'm done. Right. That's enough enthusiasm for a week-long hospital stay and a six or seven hour procedure.

One of my Jersey girls, Amy, is planning and hosting a beef and beer event for me. We've got the 30th tentatively set as the date, which means I more than likely won't be there. But hey, that ups the sympathy factor and that means maybe people will be more inspired to donate and help a sister out, right? Roxie very kindly sent over a pair of lovely scarves and a willie warmer (plus a book and some other great presents. man, she's awesome!) Momolla is knitting a shawl, Amy's sister will probably donate some gorgeous earrings, I'm going to whip out some scarves (staying home constantly has me bored to the point of eating my own hair, but it's done wonders for the knitting productivity.) Kate is knitting a couple of evening bags for me and might yet get a landscape done, too. Her friends are going to chip in, too, with some shirts and some art. Jim's dad knows the owner of a bar, who volunteered to shut her facility down for a few hours for us on a weekend, and will cover the cost of all the food we serve. It's incredibly generous, and it means that pretty much everything we make will be profit, which is double cool because profit equals rent and utilities and medical bills for me. My insurance company is swearing I never sent the my paperwork saying this is NOT a pre-existing condition (seriously? do they think i'd just let the alien spine baby chill for a year or two if i knew about it?) and are refusing to pay my hospital bills now. I have to re-file the paperwork, figure out what I owe to whom, and generally make more phone calls than should be necessary.

And yet, none of the paperwork or the phone calls seems like such a hassel, really. I don't have anything else to do. Jim and I talked about it today, and it's just not worth me going back to work for two weeks and then going on leave of absence again (the paperwork wouldn't be done in time, anyway, with the way my boss operates). For one thing, I don't trust my boss to not abandon me by myself for hours on end, which would be bad. I'm not as nappish as I have been, but I tire easily and I need to take breaks from whatever it is I'm doing pretty frequently and I just don't see that happening at work. Plus, working anything less than forty hours would screw up my benefits and that would go poorly. And I'm not up to a full forty-hour week yet. So, I get a vacation of sorts. I'm using the time to knit like a fiend and to spin. I'm starting an Etsy shop so I can have some sort of income, and so that I have something to do with the long, flat things I keep knitting (as a wise knitter pointed out, patterns should be avoided while you're on narcotics. damn, i'm off the narcotics, and i still can't count to two consistently).

In other news, my grandfather (dadums' dad) died a few days ago (he was 93, it wasn't exactly a shock). That makes me sad, but only for Dadums. I've never met my grandfather, so I can't pretend to mourn the man. Somehow, though, that makes me sad. I've always regretted not knowing my exteded family very well, and now I'll never have the chance to know my grandfather. And speaking of family members I'm not close to, one of Momolla's cousins has pancreatic cancer. I'm sketchy on the details, but it's pretty advanced. As I understand it, she's at the point where all they can do is make her comfortable for whatever time she has left. My heart hurts for my Aunt Joan, who's been a grandmother to me, and who I'm sure is hurting, knowing that she'll outlive a child. Her relationship with my cousin has been a bit strained for a while now, but in the end, it's still her child who's hurting and sick. I can't imagine that kind of pain.

So, yeah, my family's been getting a little roughted up on lately. Still, we're resilient enough for humor. Just today, I told Kate she should look into a bubble (kind of like a hamster ball, how much fun would that be?) because the Kifferley family genes aren't kind these days. And Momolla, gracious as ever (hi mom!) was teasing me about her good health. She pointed out that she's made it to fifty with relatively few health issues to handle. I told her that was the kind of talk that warranted an alien baby attack. She refused to be intimidated.

And that's all the news that isn't here at Lake Royersford. Here's hoping that your weekend goes smoothly and gently, and that you get sunshine and the sound of children laughing and bossing each other around. We had about ten minutes of that today before the clouds came back out, I'm hoping for some sun this weekend, or I might turn into a mushroom.


Bells said...

Well all I can say is that I am so glad this is all we're looking at - surgery and a beef and beer to tide you over financially. It all seems so smooth compared to what it might have been. I get that the surgery won't be a barrell of laughs, but it'll be ok and so will you.

I've had grandparents die that I didn't know, too and it's an odd place to be in, isn't it?

Donna Lee said...

Family isn't about the people you share blood with. It's about the people you can count on and the people who love you and whom you love. Yea, it's weird to have family yuo don't know but it's good to have family who would throw themselves in front of a bus for you. And you have that in spades.

Rose Red said...

Benign, benign, benign, hurrah!

Sounds like you are using your down time well, although darn - stupid insurance companies. Sigh. Hope you get that all sorted out, and that the B&B goes well for you as well.

Roxie said...

To combat the boredom and facilitate the knitting, look into books on tape at the local library. It's fabulous to have someone read to you as you sit in comfort and knit. It's a nice thing to do while you're healing, too.

Benign! Benign! B9!