Monday, June 22, 2009

A Little Belated...

This post was meant to go up yesterday, but due to a spotty Internet connection, didn't make it up until today. Yesterday was Father's Day here in the states, and I wanted to take some time to honor my dad.

My dad taught me about perseverance, no matter what the odds, the frustration levels, or what others thought. He also taught me that it's sometimes only a hairsbreadth from stubborn, but that sometimes, stubborn is a good thing.

Everything I know about hard work, I learned from my dad. He's done everything in his power to support his family, working all hours at any job that would help pay the bills. There is no job that is "beneath" anyone. Honest work, no matter what it is, is honest work. And that's something to be proud of.

Dad taught me how cool tools are, and how empowering it is to be able to take something apart and put it back together again. Especially if you can do it with the same number of parts you started out with.

Dad taught me about integrity and respect. Integrity, doing the right thing rather than the easy thing, is never a choice with him. If it's right, it's what you do. You don't take shortcuts or the low road or the easy way out. And you earn respect, and work for it. And once it's earned, you keep working to make sure that you keep it.

Everything I know about using humor as a coping mechanism, I learned from my dad. He calls himself god's cat toy, and it might well be true (though i feel like i give him some competition for the title). But he laughs about it and carries on. He won't let circumstances drag him down, and he won't pass up any opportunity for a joke. Or a really terrible pun.

Goodness knows we had a pretty rocky relationship at some points. But I always, always knew that Dadumms was there for me. I know he wishes for a son every now and again, but I have never felt as though he loved me less for being a girl. I grew up in a house surrounded by love on all sides, and Dadumms is a big part of that. So, although it should have been said yesterday, happy Father's Day. I love you, Dadumms. I'm proud of you, and so glad that we're not just a father and daughter, but friends, as well.


Rose Red said...

You are very lucky to have such a great dad.

Bells said...

Oh, how very, very lovely. And how lucky you are, as is he to have a daughter who would say such things!

Roxie said...

WEll said!

Galad said...

Your dad has to be awesome to have such a great wife and wonderful daughters :-)