Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm back, ladies and gentlemen. I'm feeling pretty battered and sore, but mostly pretty normal, which is good. I'd hoped to blog before now, but the internet connection here at the hospital ended up being a bit spotty. The web access is free, but you pay for use of a phone or tv, how strange is that setup? I'm on some lovely, heavy-duty pain meds, so this will be kind of brief, since I tend to drop off at odd moments. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing okay, and that the surgery went as well as it could possibly have.

I know Momolla has posted the photo-shopped version of Laslow-Mitford, but the tech department at the hospital gave me some lovely, graphic photos of the tumor in-site and after removal, so if anybody is interesting in some gooey, disgusting pictures of a reallyreally big tumor, just send word. We can hook you up.

There was a minor complication with the surgery, which was not at all surprising with the extent to which they opened my rib cage. Apparently, a lymph line or somesuch (it carries fluid called chyle, but every time they explain it, i'm on meds, so i may or may not have this right) was nicked during the operation. Because of that, the fluid coming from my chest tube is plentiful and extra gross. I've been switched off of food and put on a fat-free clear liquid diet (mmmm, everything tastes like cardboard), which is frustrating since I'm hungry, but an improvement over the last two days when I was only allowed to have water. It looks like I'm improving already, and if things keep going this well, I'll be able to eat and have most of my various tubes removed on Monday or Tuesday, and go home pretty soon.

I'm feeling pretty well, all things considered. There's a lot of swelling and itching going on (being allergic to medical tape is so awful. i'm covered in the stuff), and there's a lot of healing going on so fast, it's almost visible. I get out of bed on my own to do laps around the floor every day, and I'm able to go further and further every time I go out. I've had plenty of people come by who are exactly the right kind of visitors, they stay and chat until my eyelids start drooping, and then they leave so I can sleep. Jim hardly gets to see me, since he works so much, but he's here as often as he can be. The drugs tend to creep up on me and knock me out as I'm doing something every few hours, so I slept through most of today's visit, which I felt terrible about.

I hope this weekend finds you all in a place of peace and comfort and joy. And if nothing else, that you're allowed to eat through it!

eta: because i forgot to mention this earlier (morphine makes me confused), the staff here is amazing. everyone is friendly and caring and sweet, and they like me as much as i like them (it's good to be low-maintenance sometimes). i know there have been offers to break knees or provide alibis and all manner of other wonderful methods of handling the folks here if need be, but believe me, they're great. seriously, i think you have to graduate nice school to be allowed to work here. that was all i meant to add. please, carry on with the weekend.


Donna Lee said...

That was pretty coherent considering the pain meds! You have no idea how wonderful it is to have you and your sense of humor back. I am so looking forward to the pain being gone so my emmy jane can come out.

Monique said...

Was just thinking about you today and here you are ta-dahing. So pleased to hear you have come out the other side in tact and that the nice people in the hospital have been good to you. You are right, it is good to be low maintenence sometimes.

Galad said...

That was darn good given the morphine! I already got the bloody, ooky pictures from your mom to share with Nicole. Absolutely amazing that something that big was hitching a ride.

Take good care of yourself and try to be patient with the healing process (thought I'd at least try :-)

Roxie said...

Oh my gosh she's up and blogging already! Lady, I have looked into you armpit, and you are made of sturdy stuff!(DonnaLee sent me photos. I want to poke it with a stick.) If you can wiggle your toes and walk on your own, you are way ahead of the game! Hooray for drugs! We continue to send big healing vibes your way.

Rose Red said...

So good to see you blogging again. I'm glad you have lovely staff - I'm sure your good humour and general niceness brings out the best in everyone around you. Hope you graduate to real food soon. Hugs to you, and to Jim too, who I'm sure has been an absolute rock for you.

teabird said...

Wow, you're more coherent drugged than most people who are totally sober! You're doing great. YAY!

Bells said...

you're blogging so soon after major surgery? You are amazing Em. Just incredible.

I've put in a request for the photos. I want to know all about it! I didn't think I did, but I do!

Keep getting well! xo

Dianne said...

Amazing post, considering the pain meds. I'm so glad that alien baby is gone, and that you are getting such good care in the hospital. Gentle hugs!