Monday, August 13, 2007

I really suck at titling these things!

So, yeah. Honestly, I do.

The blanket is coming along swimmingly, for some reason the decrease half seems to be going much quicker than the increase, I'm half afraid I'm doing something wrong. It looks lovely, though, and I'm so proud that something that pretty has come out of my labor, my hands. There's just something so satisfying about seeing a lump of yarn turn into something coherent, something real, something useful.

The new manager seems rather nice, and even pleasant, we all hardly know what to do with ourselves. She's pregnant, and I'm looking around for something quick and pretty to make for her. I'm not sure how far she's along, and thus, how much time I would have to make said project. I might just make her some booties and a hat; everything one makes for babies is cute, just by virtue of being tiny.

In other yarn-related news, I have a largeish skein of lovely brown and one of red mohair, and nothing to really do with them. I'm thinking of maybe doing scarves, but I think it'd be uncomfortable to have something that fuzzy near one's face. I nead some awesome, pretty things to do with this yarn, it's absolutely lovely, and would've cost a fortune, if Mom and I hadn't gotten it on the last day of the knitting expo last year.

So the socks we were going to make for my friend in Iraq aren't going to work, Mom picked out some absolutely wonderful wool and such. Once we did a little research, though, we found out that the average low temperature in winter there is only 38 degrees. It's cold, but not nearly as cold as we were thinking. Now we're looking for something lighter, cooler, and better able to deal with sweat. The temperature gets to be 110-120 there by noon. That just blows my mind. I can't imagine functioning in that much heat, let alone doing something like working on big, heavy vehicles. Ash (the friend in Iraq) called on Sunday, and it was so good to hear from him. Being in Baghdad, we worry about him. A lot. His tour of duty has been extended for another fifteen months, now he should be home in May of next year.

Jim and I are going to go try to see some more meteors tonight. We went with Dad and Kate and Gio last night, and stayed out quite late. We left before the peak hours, but we saw a few before we went home for the night. We drive out to the middle of nowhere, and we can see so many stars. There's something so awe-inspiring about all that beauty, and it makes one feel so small to sit there beneath the stars and realize how huge space is, how much we just don't know. Time to go be inspired!


Georgie said...

Great news that your new manager is human! Will think on the quick baby knits thing - actually, check out this little singlet pattern, its great.

The other great quick knit is the baby kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting (the book) - probably easier for you to get in the States than us here. this one's good if the baby will be born when its getting cooler. Its dead easy and very cute.

As for socks for warm weather - there are some cotton blends that are supposed to be great. Athough even wool socks breathe reallyw ell and dont get stinky, so Im sure theyd be appreciated in those heavy boots!

Wow, metor showers sound fabulous - nothing like a bit of night sky-watching to make you feel small and insignificant in the scheme of things, hey?

Donna Lee said...

Be thankful that the small things like meteor showers matter. Life goes by so quickly that it's easy to overlook quiet beauty.

Kitty said...

You write very well.