Monday, August 20, 2007

A larger font is in order

Since, damn, that old one is crazy hard to read. Let's see if I managed to adjust this correctly.

I've discovered that hair dryers scare me. I got one for Christmas, back when I had visions of being adorable and feminine and blow-drying my hair into a style. I think I've used it thrice now. Something about the little hellion is just intimidation, and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's me. I mean, I have been covered up to my elbows and beyond in grease and dirt and not thought twice about it. I've had my head and arms and hands near hot, moving engines (nobody ever said I was smart). And yet, none of that bothered me as much as the hair dryer. And when you combine it with the round brush, I just feel like crying. But anyway, I managed to style my hair and put makeup on. Thank god I'm at least good with a makeup brush! Then it was off to pick up Jim for a lovely evening.

And it would've been, too, except for our dinner. We went to a local place called the Stone Grille. Their gimmick is that they bring you out a hot stone to cook your food on if you like. The waitress was hugely busy and we waited at least ten, maybe even fifteen minutes for our drinks (all we ordered was water and an iced tea). The food was only mediocre, when it's normall excellent, and the service continued to be slow. Still, spending time together was fun. It was good to go out somewhere other than the diner together.

It's raining here, and it looks like we've settled into what I always think of as New Jersey autumn/winter weather. We don't get much snow, but from September through March we got a lot of rain. Cold, misty rain. This fron should stay for about a week, if the weather reports are correct. I can't really complain, though, because at least it's cooler. And besides, we need the rain. It would be nice to have some sun, though, for my days off. Ah, well. It's great knitting weather, and it means I'll make more progress on the blanket. I promise to get some pictures tonight, and even figure out how to post them somehow.

Time to go play in the woods with Mike and Jim. Keep an eye on the newspapers for reports of a lost party last seen driving a Ford Bronco...


Georgie said...

What a shame the shine was taken off your special evening out by crappy service. Inexcusable!

As for hairdryers - hate them myself. I love getting blowdried at the hairdressers, coming back all sleek and smooth and stylish and grownup looking, but just cant face doing it myself! may want to keep working on that font thing too!! ;-)

Donna Lee said...

The font is a little small but the polka dots are cute. Hair dryers are overrated. Now, brulee torches, those babies are dangerous.

Kate said...

I am in total agreement with mom. Brulee torches scare me. DAD with a brulee torch makes me want to wet myself. Hair dryers are tame compared to that.

By the way, if you want to change the fot size the nifty HTML coding way, you can do this:
<-font size=-3>blahblahblah<-/font>

Just take out the -. Make the number higher for big, lower for small. :D