Friday, August 17, 2007

Look! Two in one week!!!

That's right, two of these babies in one week! Pretty soon I'll be catching up to Momolla.

The meteors were lovely and inspiring, even though we only saw a few. It was still fun to pile into Jim's truck, drive out into the woods, and bond with him and Kate. And I was only slightly paranoid about crazy people weilding axes or chains or hooks or shotguns (pineys aren't--quite--extinct) and trying to separate me from my flesh. But all in all, it was still thrilling.

Jim and I are going on a dress-up date tonight, it should be lots of fun. There's something so nice about coming home from my grimy, icky job where looking like a girl just isn't practical and changing into something feminine and fun and putting on makeup. We'll probably just hit a generic chain Italian restaurant, but it'll be nice to have a real date together again. It's been a while since we've had one, and eternity and half since we've dressed up. Whee!

I'm still chugging along on that blanket, it keeps getting smaller and smaller. When I steal my camera back from Jim, I'll put some pictures up. It's so bright and happy and it really makes me smile. I found out that my boss, who I like more and more every day, is due in January, but probably having her baby in December (she's going to need a C-section, the poor woman!). She's having a girl, so I can go for the whole pastel thing, or maybe I'll find something bright and happy again. Hmm, decisions, decisions...

Anyway, off to put on a little black dress and some awesome shoes and remind my man how dazzling I can be when I choose. Here's hoping everyone's weekend goes well!


Donna Lee said...

you are dazzling on an off day. And you should leave the poor pineys alone. They are lucky to live in such a beautiful area. Your blanket is really nice and will make a great baby gift. How about a nice easy little sweater or some booties for the boss baby?

Georgie said...

yay for real dress-up dates! They get few and far between and take such a conscious effort so I really hope you guys ejoyed it.

Can't wait to see the blankie.