Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Let's give it another shot...

Because I'm just too stupid to stop trying. This looks reasonably big, though, so I'm going to cross my little fingers and hope that it works.

There's not much new to report, sadly. Turns out my life is pretty boring and more than a little routine. I'm still pegging away on the baby blanket, when I have time. It comes everywhere with me, though, as hope springs eternal. I've frogged the scarf I was making for Jim, it was looking pretty sad, but it was great practice in stockinette stitch. And we all know how exciting stockinette is. It's just one short step away from miles and miles of garter stitch. At any rate, I think I'm going to cast the new scarf (scarf: vista, as I like to think of it) as one of the Yarn Harlot's infamous one-row scarves. Perhaps that'll keep me a little more interested. The yarn is perfectly horrid, it's jungle camoflage. For some reason, Jim is about the closest thing to a redneck you can find in New Jersey. So, in my quest to convince him that knitting is awesome, I'm making him what may be the world's ugliest scarf. Speaking of scarves, I've agreed to work with Momolla and Kate on a Christmas present for my seven-year old cousin. Between the three of us, we're making her a matching hat, mitten, and scarf set. It should be fun, it's all going to be purple and green (her last name is plum, and you can still get away with all the matchy-matchy stuff at that age).

My vacation is in a little over a week, and I absolutely cannot wait. Jim is taking me to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a week (i keep referring to him jokingly as my sugar daddy). He used his tax return for the condo rent (so much more exciting than mine, i used it on parts for my car), and we've both been saving up for spending money. We can't wait to get down there, it's going to like a week-long date. I've made myself resist the whole "Oh, no, I've got to starve myself for vacation" thought process. I keep thinking to myself that I will look fantastic in the bikini I bought three months ago and have worn roughly three times since. Here's hoping I'm not the delusional woman wearing a suit seven and a half times too small for her, though I know Mom and Kate would never let me out of the house if I was.

That's about all I've got to report on for now. I'm taking Kate up to the local diner for some pie soon. In return, she is baking me cookies tomorrow. Kate will also be in charge of my beloved betta fish, Beef, while I am on vacation, as well as Jim's fish, Comet. We don't trust Jim's mom to mind them, she has the worst conceivable luck with the little creatures.


Donna Lee said...

Pie? No one said anything about pie. Now I feel really left out.

Georgie said...

The one row scarf is a define winner - dead easy but interesting.

Um...just to check...when you say "pie" do you mean sweet or savoury? My excuse for this unforgivable ignorance is that Im an aussie! Pie for us is "meat pie".

Kate said...

She means sweet pie, Georgie. I got cherry cheesecake. :D Good stuff.

And watch out for the emo poems, Em!