Sunday, January 27, 2008

Long Overdue

As I was looking at my large, happy looking basket of George today, contemplating starting a new pair of socks (my darling jim threw out my copy of the conwy pattern, i need something to hold my interest), my eye was caught by the many beautiful things the Australian Fiber Fairies had bestowed upon me. And so, now, realizing that this post is long overdue, I must say thank you.

Bells, Georgie, I'm not sure I'm eloquent enough to thank you for the amazing generosity of your gift. The timing was perfect, and the yarn is absolutely gorgeous. Your kindness and sensitivity and willingness to send some yarn-y love to li'l ol me, someone you still hardly know, halfway around the world, touches me very deeply. I mean, how cool is that? And I got a huge kick out of reading the ingredients panel of the Fantales (they list energy, i find that infinitely amusing)--not as much of a kick as I got out of eating them, but a kick, nonetheless. So, a thousand warm, fuzzy thankyous go out to you two fantastic ladies. You have given me a wonderful start on George, and what knitting n00b can ask for more?

It's been a rough weekend here, thanks to too many stressful hours at work with too many men who don't listen to what I say, so instead of concentrating on the negative, I'm going to focus on the good, and raise a glass of this lovely (imported australian--yellowtail) shiraz in thanks to the fabulous Bells and Georgie. May you two wonderful women be blessed with as much kindness as you show so often.


Bells said...

Oh Em, I'm thrilled you liked it all so much. George and I had a delightful time planning it for you and hope you get hours and hours of enjoyment. Sounds like wine and knitting is exactly what you need tonight. I'll drink to that.


Georgie said...

Bells said it much more eloquently that I possibly could - I'm so glad you like it, and there are no thanks required. We were simply passing on the love. Cheers to that!

I may, however, have to come over and repossess it if you insist on humoring Bells with this "george" lark. Im not worthy of such noteriety!

Rose Red said...

they are excellent knitterly friends aren't they (I so giggled out loud when I read your first sentence!!)

Donna Lee said...

It took me a minute to remember what George meant. I thought you were talking about the alpaca. How wonderful are these internets that allow folks from around the world to connect in a real way.

Bells said...

can I just add I am thrilled to see the use of the term George! I swear I want this to take off so much!