Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pictures of the New Place

It's only a week late, but hey, I finally found my camera, bought some batteries, and located my cable, all at the same time.

And so here, in no particular order, are pictures of my house, my knitting, and The Cat. Trust me, she needs capital letters--she's enormous!

This is our chandelier--it's actually not very large but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in crystals. Apparently, it's a German-made antique. I'm not sure how reliable that information is, my landlady told us that's what the (somewhat crazy) old lady (religious zealot) who used o live in the house said. It's a little, uh, drippy, for my taste, but it is very sparkly and pretty when it's turned on.

This is our pretty kitchen lamp, which now hangs a lot higher than originally. We used to bump our heads on it frequently, and when something's low enough for me to bump my head on, it's low. But hey, it's pretty. There will be a picture of the cute kitchen later, but right now, there's too much stuff for me to feel okay about taking pictures of it.

But, just so everyone can feel good about the house they are living in, here is a charming picture of our front room. It's, well, full. Of shit. This is the store room for all of our many unpacked things, or things without homes yet. My goal is to get this room cleaned out and presentable within the next two weeks, which will be fun, because, actually, not a whole lot of that is mine.

Here we have a crappy picture of the stained-glass window in the house. It's really rather lovely, though it's difficult to tell. My excuse for the lousy picture is that the window is in the front room, and it's not exactly easy to get anywhere near the windows in that room at the moment. Below is a closeup of the detail on the window, which gives you a much truer idea of the colors and the design.

Here is The Cat, with human hand for scale. She's roughly twenty-five to thirty pounds, and when I sit down, she takes up my entire (fairly capacious) lap, and then some. As you can see, she's remarkably massive. She's beautiful and very soft and fuzzy. She'll even purr at you while you pet her, for about thirty seconds. And then, she snaps at you and growls. I think she may have a split personality. Or she's a rapid-cycling bipolar cat. The other alternative is that she is pure, unadulterated evil, which is a definite possibility.

And now, for something completely different. Here's my beloved Jim, wearing the ugly scarf. I was afraid he wouldn't like it, as it is, well, unique. However, he loves it. He wears it at work and at home, pretty much whenever he's not sleeping. I think he'll be a little upset when the weather warms up and he can't really wear it any more.

This is a foot, and a section of pasty-white leg, belonging to me. The astute among you might notice that it is encased in a Bribe Sock. This is the case, and it makes me glad to have one sock... and part of another!

And at long, long last, pictures of the infamous Conwy! My camera's zoom function leaves something to be desired, as does the stitch definition of this gorgeous yarn. But this gives you a basic idea of the pattern. As you can see, three repeats of a four-row pattern is not a lot in terms of inches. But damn, it feels like an accomplishment. Hopefully the stitch definition will be better when more of the sock is done and I can put it on my foot to show it off.

And that's the end of today's blog! It's time to go and take Colleen to Unclaimed Freight so that we can get her some furniture so she can finish moving in. Hope everyone's weekend is going well.


Kate said...

Em, your house is lovely. I'm really glad that you're comfortable (or as comfortable as a partially-unpacked person can be) and happy with it. The kitchen is adorable, and I love the lamp. The chandelier leaves something to be desired. Something called "taste." But The Mirri is fat and probably a good lap warmer when she's got her pleasant personality on, and the socks are fabulous. Keep up the good work.

Donna Lee said...

Yay for the new house. There is something to be said for having all your stuff in one place. The bribe sock looks are so warm and soft and the progress on conwy is wonderful. Keep going.

Rose Red said...

Love the stained glass window and the chandelier (I'd love to live in a house with a chandelier!!). All the knitwear looks fab, and don't worry about the front room too much - everyone has at least one junk room in their house (at least, that's what I tell myself to make me feel better about mine!!)

Georgie said...

What beautiful features - it looks really lovely Em. And I'm with RR on the junk room - you need one room for "stuff", as long as it's got a door you can close and the we all know it doesnt exist any more!

Oh, and if you'll forgive me...that's one big hunk o' spunk you've got there! Hi Jim! ;-)

Amy Lane said...

Wow--that's a wonderful house! I love the stained glass window. And I'm VERY sympathetic for the mess! (Evil. The cat is evil. They're all evil. It's so we know how to recognize it in humans:-)