Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Bloggy Goodness...

Yup, two in one week. Whooo! I'm on fire!

I'm happy to report, a lot of the clutter (i mean, crap) has been cleared out of the front room, and I wasn't even the person that did the clearing. It very much needs to get done, because there are no doors to the room, but there are a lot of windows, so we can't really satisfactorily hide any of the clutter (crap).

In other house news, I think I will try to paint Jim's and my bedroom next Tuesday, so that it gets done sooner rather than later and we can finish unpacking and whatnot. I'm researching re-finishing the floors. The second and third story both have fairly faded, abused hardwood flooring, and I would like to take care of that. Actually, the floor on the second story has been painted a sort of sickly shit brown, which I hate. The landlady offered to put carpet in, but the stuff on the bottom floor is rather cheap and pretty linty. There are enough clumps of fiber sitting on the carpet that I could probably make a pretty respectable roving and perhaps try to spin it. I can't imagine what one would make out of cheap carpet fiber, though. Socks for someone you hate, maybe?

Also, we have a couch now. I may not have mentioned this, but prior to Sunday, all we had in the living room was an armchair and a (really ugly) coffee table (i think jim's mom might have trashpicked it just to spite me--it's truly ugly). Well, there was also a beanbag chair, but that hardly counts. However, my super-fantastic awesome Jim found us a free couch in Pottstown. He even moved it in while I was at work, so that I didn't have to do any of the heavy lifting. Man, he's the best. So yeah, now I can have more than one person sit in the living room at a time.

So, I'm about three inches into the Boss Baby Blanket now, and I think I like my adaptation of the pattern more than the original. The eyelet detail on the edge is much more apparent now, though that could also be the yarn. I realize I forgot pictures of this particular bit of knitting, and so much track down my camera (hidden from a friend's wee one during a visit sunday) and show you this pretty, tiny bit of knitting. It would be going faster, but I'm working on a new circular needle, and the cord isn't stretched out all the way and keeps twisting itself up around my yarn. I am trying to think happy things while I knit this adorable piece of babyness, but the twisty-yarn-thing makes that a little more difficult.

The second bribe sock is coming along a bit slowly, but that's because I mainly knit on it during my lunch breaks at work. I find it very soothing to make lots of rows of small, orderly stitches. I feel a little out of my element at work, because I'm not really getting any training, and I feel like my boss has some fairly unrealistic expectations for me. I can handle this, though, I can (repeats mantra to self while rocking back and forth). Anyway, I generally only get three or four rows done once I've eaten, but it's enormously calming. I often go to the McDonald's next door for a shake or a burger, and then I knit in public. Knitting in public always makes me feel just a little special and daring. And it's a great way to start conversations with strangers.

Huh, I started out thinking I had nothing to really blog about. Looks like I was wrong, eh? More pictures will be coming soon, now that the kitchen is in better shape.

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Donna Lee said...

Knitting can be very soothing, unless you are ripping out great quantities of stitches.