Thursday, January 10, 2008

I should be...

... taking and then posting pictures of my fabulous new house.

...washing the dishes.

...doing wash for work tomorrow.

...unpacking some more boxes.

...figuring out what I'm making my family for lunch on Saturday when they come to see the new digs.

...reading up on the stuff my new boss gave me for homework.

...putting the last batch of laundry away. looking for a couch that will fit through my tiny, tiny doorway.

And? I am laying here, basking in the wonder of the Internet, which I have been without for so many days. The laundry will get done, eventually. And the boxes, well, Jim has suggested that we should stick them in the basement and just worry about them eventually. Some days, after work, I'm not so sure that's a bad idea.

Jim and I are pretty much moved in, and Colleen is slowly moving her things over. Mike, we're not so sure about. Mike is jobless and hasn't moved more than a few boxes in since we signed the lease three weeks ago. We're trying to be patient, but he seems to need someone to expedite the process for him. I think that, on some level, he's just not ready to do this yet. All I can say is that he'd better get ready soon.

Right. Pictures will be posted Saturday morning, I promise. And the laundry will get done as soon as Jim gets of of the shower. And until he's done, it's time for me to clean up the kitchen. Boxes? What boxes?


Kate said...

I am expecting a darn good lunch, too. By the way, you left your faith monkeys in the closet. They're coming up with a small box of your other assorted things I've found. Like an mp3 player that mom wants for parts and some emboridered thing.

Donna Lee said...

Yeah, we are looking forward to a good lunch. No pressure. And I might have just suggested that if you weren't going to get the mp3 player fixed, I could use the extra battery. That's all.

Georgie said...

Yes, pics please! Very glad to hear its all going good, so far. We've discovered numrous uses for still-packed boxes that you face yet: cover them with a cloth and you have an instant lamp / beside table; cover with packing paper - instant message board! Need a room divider? Extra workbench? Boxes!

Hope you all enjoy lunch.

Rose Red said...

I should be having a shower and getting dressed, but here I am reading blogs!! Must be catching!