Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey, leaves, and heels

Thanksgiving here was wonderful and peaceful and pleasant, reminding me of why I love the holiday so much. Mom prepared an amazing spread, and Jim and Colleen came to partake of it with us. I also learned how not to make pancakes (i managed to forget not only oil, but salt. needless to say, they were...different. dad liked them, though), though I can usually manage a fairly decent batch. After all, they're pretty simple.

Dad and I bonded over changing my battery, which was rather more complicated than such things usually are, because we had to take the tray it rests on out, and change the hold-downs on it. It was actually a lot of fun, and the weather cooperated, too. It was entirely too warm for November, and sunny and mild. So of course, the very next day, it was cold and miserable again. Gotta love south Jersey in the fall.

All the trees are naked now, it looks more like winter outside than fall. It was one of the most spectacular autumns I've ever seen, the trees were gorgeous for weeks. It's kind of sad to see all the leaves fall, but it's so much fun to shuffle through them. I love that crunching noise they make!

I'm working the heel flap for my bribe sock (i have been for days, knitting time has been a little scarce), and will probably be turning the heel tonight or tomorrow. Jim's scarf continues apace, I think I only have about eight to twelve inches left before I can bind it off, wash it, and watch him wear it. Maggie's scarf... Well, it's still almost long enough. Thank goodness children are little and only need little scarves!

In other news, we're making lots of progress towards finding a place to live. There's one that looks particularly promising in a nice development with cheap rent (for the area, it's still a touch more than we'd figured on) and lots of space. It's a cookie-cutter house, it looks exactly like all the other houses in the development, but they'll let us paint and maybe plant some flowers. Jim and I both have job interviews at a Target not far from the house we're interested in on Tuesday morning, which is even more good news. I'm applying for a management-type position, Jim's looking to do overnight stocking so he can manage his school shifts better. I'm crossing my fingers, counting my pennies, and praying real hard that this all comes together soon.

Time to go get ready for another work marathon. Since we (finally) canned the guy who was stealing, everybody is working six days this week, crazy long hours. And yet, we're still not allowed to have any overtime. Stupid corporate stuff. I hope everybody enjoys the rest of the weekend, and that the week goes smoothly and well for you.


Georgie said...

So glad to hear you had a lovely thanksgiving. And that theyve finally gotten rid of the thief at work, but bummer at the hours you have to pull now!

I have everything crossed that the house yoyuve got your eye on works out, and best of luck for your interviews, both of you!

Donna Lee said...

You guys will be so impressive at the interviews that they will bet you to work for them. I'll echo Georgie and cross everything I can.

Donna Lee said...

that was supposed to be "beg you to work for them" beg, not bet. sorry.