Thursday, November 29, 2007

Disney Never Mentioned This...

... This being a breed of fairies I was previously unfamiliar with. According to some literature, there are Australian Fibre Fairies, and a package from some appeared on my doorstep on Tuesday. I'll relate a little more information about these fascinating creatures in a few minutes. First, I have to mention the ick part, because the ick came before the fun part of Tuesday.

So, I realized that if I wrote this the way I would tell it to you as a story, it would be a novel. I like the look of my own writing, what can I say? In short (relatively) form, here is the story:

Jim and Mike were both hired for overnight stocking positions at the Target I'd previously mentioned. Jim is a psychopath who wanted to leave three and a half hours early for his interview. Traffic through Philadelphia is bad, but not quite that bad. We left at six forty-five, and that was after I talked him down from six. SIX!!! I was interviewed three times, and filled out lots of surveys. And the result? No jobs for the me. Actually, I was politely informed right before my third (!!!) interview that there were no positions available for me, but that they were going to finish my interviews, anyway. How sweet.

We wanted to take a quick tour of the house we're interested in for Mike's benefit (mr. "as long as it's got a room for me and a bathroom, i'm okay with it" is suddenly very interested in seeing this place), but there was an issue with the sump pump, which created a "small" flood in the basement. No showing for us, probably for about two more weeks. By then, we'd hoped to be maybe moving in somewhere. Now Mike and Jim will probably be commuting to their new jobs for a couple of weeks. Ick, huh?

I was not having the very best of days as we were going home (two hours through traffic thanks to some accidents, bringing my total time spent in the car to something like nine hours), but Momolla sent me a text saying, "you got a package." After harassing Kate for some details, I determined that it wasn't a) a bomb, b) anthrax, or c) a tiny, angry man with a hammer sent to break my legs. This excited me enough to risk life and limb by making Jim detour to my parents' place so I could pick up (and open) said package. I ran into the house, sliced some tape open, and read the signature on the attached note. I also showed off the contents of the lovely package, albeit extremely briefly. If I had remained in the house more than five minutes, the menfolk would've taken my car and left me. I did manage to actually read the note in the car on the way to Jim's place, and it made me cry (i am soooo mom's daughter, though i don't cry at hallmark commercials. that'll probably come when i'm older). Here are the contents of said package, along with some things I have deducted about Australian Fibre Fairies:

They have an excellent sense of timing. This package arrived and the generosity and sweetness of it after such a gross day really made me smile. And giggle, and twirl in a circle and jump up and down (after I opened it and actually registered what was in it) and hug it like a teddy bear.

They have excellent taste in wool (well, they are fibre fairies, they should know what they're doing).

They can fit a lot of goodies into one box.

Their talents aren't limited to only fibers (or is it fibre? research is inconclusive). They also bestow sweets, pretty things, and reading materials on lucky people.

They seem to have some connection to piracy...

And here we see the contents of said package in a more spread out manner. There are two balls of Heirloom Argyle sock wool, a huge ball of Bendigo Woolen Mills Baby wool (the fibre fairies have told me it's for when i decide i'd like to try dyeing my own, how did they know?), a skein of Opal sock wool that (i think) says it includes bamboo in a colorway I can't determine (german? screw it, knitting is the universal language, i totally understand that label...mostly...), a skein of merino cashmere sock yarn (yum!) in Water Lilies from The Knittery, and a skein of sock wool from the Happy Spider in Forecast. Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn! And, there were other presents, too! The package also contained a stuffed koala (i love him!), a bar of lemon myrtle soap that smells divine, a magnet for the fridge, a mandala decal (which will be taking up residence on my car), and Yarn, an Australian knitting magazine. I nearly forgot, the box of goodies also contained some candy called Fantales (australian nutrition labels list energy. how weird/cool is that?), chocolate covered caramels with trivia bits on the wrapper. Mmmm, chocolate!

So, yeah. I didn't get a job even though I spent, like, eternity in a Target in another state (i wore high heels! and makeup! i put makeup on and wore high heels!), and spent even longer in my car. But you know what? There are some wonderful fairy godknitters out there who sent me some love and kindness, and that made my whole day. So what if the house we're looking at floods? The yarn doesn't go in the basement. So what if I may have to transfer and work at my crappy job when we eventually move? I have yarn. I can knit the frustrations away. Mmmmm, yarn. Fuzzy and soft, and wonderful. Thank you, Australian Fibre Fairies. I have some suspicions that you may have secret alter-egos, and one day I would like to thank them, too...


Bells said...

Oh! What riches! And how wonderful that it arrived on the day when it seems it was all most needed. Crap days suck.

Fantales are so hard to resist. I love them and could go one or ten right now!

Rose Red said...

Yay for AFF! Isn't it great how things like that always seem to arrive just when you need them! So who are these AFF? I think I'd like to meet them!

Georgie said...

Oooh, what a timely surprise! You are going to be very well socked soon, thats for sure. Knittery yarn is so lovely, I have one skein in my stash and it often comes out for a little fondle when Im feeling down.

Really sorry to hear that things didnt go to plan with your interview.