Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Caution, this post contains lots of exclamation points and capital letters...

....because? WE GOT THE HOUSE! ....and? I GOT A JOB!!!!!, basically? WE HAVE A HOME AND JOBS!!!!! *giggles* Sorry for all the yelling, but I am so excited I hardly know what to do with myself. We got the home we wanted, we've all got employment, and well, that's just great. Things are finally coming together, and I was scared for a little while that they wouldn't.

I haven't taken pictures of the area we'll be in or the house yet, because I didn't want to jinx anything. However, when I next adventure up that way (which is bound to be soon), I will show you all what a pretty place it is. The area around our development is largely farmland, and it's mountainous and pretty.

I accepted a job at the nearest Pep Boys as a Service Advisor. I got a kick out of the Service Manager, who seemed to think I was too small and delicate to handle those coarse shop guys. I pointed out that shops are nothing new to me and that I can certainly handle myself. I look small and young and innocent, but I'm a helluva lot tougher than I look, at least verbally and mentally.... I mean, I've been in this "man's industry" the entire time I've been working, so I'm used to having to be that much better, that much quicker, and that much more assertive than the guys. It'll be kind of fun to show him I can do this.

Lest you think there was no knitting yesterday, I am thisclose to finishing Maggie's scarf. After that, I'm going to polish off Jim's, and then, time to finish my bribe sock. And by the time all that's done, it should be January, and I will have far, far less time for knitting. See, I'm hoping to pick up a job working nights four or five times a week at Target or some other place that offers night stocking positions. That'll give me something to do, and plenty of extra cash to handle all those growed-up bills with. Hopefully, I'll get at least one partial day off a week to knit and play with all my pretty new yarns. If not, I'll certainly be able to afford to expand my stash some and just fondle all the pretty, pretty yarns.

This is going to sound weird, but when you moved out on your own, what's something you wish you'd remembered to do or to get or to plan for?


Rose Red said...

Yay! Jobs and houses and all - yay! Love to see pics when you get a chance!

I don't think it's a weird question. For me it was that long ago that I can hardly remember! I guess my advice is not about a thing, it's more to develop your systems for things like remembering to pay bills on time, remembering to do the grocery shopping, remembering what to buy and all that, just the daily admin stuff that goes with having your own place. I'm sure you'll slip into it with no worries!

Georgie said...

Yay!! *happy dance* Im so glad everything is coming together.

I will think on the moving out thing (it was *cough* quite some time ago for me too), but as RR said, developing a bit of a routine and a system, especially when youre all working shifts, is very useful.

Donna Lee said...

Tell the shop manager that you are a Wood Woman and you can handle anything! I am proud of you.

Kate said...

Mom's right. We're Wood Women, Em. And, if that's too specific, tell him that you're a Wood. We of the Wood family see a wall and beat our heads against it until either it collapses or we get a concussion, faint, and bleed out our massive head wounds.

Congrats on the jobs and housing. So when do I get to visit?