Thursday, December 13, 2007

So, yeah..... Or, Could Things Be More Frustrating?

Yup. Not a happy post. Not a happy Emily. Such is life, though, and I'm coping. But that doesn't mean I have to like everything, does it?

First off, Conwy. I thought I was being smart. I thought I would be clever and just work the pattern quietly and not mention it on the blog. Conwy is shy and doesn't like the media attention. I get that. So I told noone and started knitting. It took a few more tries, but we actually did pretty well. I got a pattern repeat and a half in before I looked at the pattern and said, "SHIT! It's k1 p1 k1. I didn't k the second 1!" And thus, more ripping out. So much for being clever, eh?

Next off, Target decided they did want to hire me. Of course, they called me, probably starting about a week ago. Except, they weren't calling me. They were calling a phone number belonging to one Renee. This is because I, being arguably the stupidest person to hold two knitting needles, wrote the wrong phone number on my application. Go, me! And now, though they were offering me better money and better hours, I'm committed to Pep Boys, and I can't really back out now, that's not cool. I'm stupid, but I have some integrity (bad combo, trust me. smart people with less integrity end up with things like small desert islands and cabana boys). When I asked if they had a regular shmuck's position, they told me they'd call me back. When they didn't and I called back, they told me they want to keep my application as a team lead and not a team member. Thanks. So, I'm too good to stock shelves. That helps me not at all, Target. So now it's on to plan D, which is to look for some kind of waitressing gig somewhere overnight a couple of nights a week. Maybe at a bar? This will adventure.

The repairs on the house aren't done. Shit? Shit. They won't be done til tomorrow, a day before the lease is supposed to start. This is not doing much for my confidence in our future landlord. And yet, they will be done and Jim and Mike are going up to sign some papers tomorrow and to work out a few more things at their school.

In other not-so-great moving news, the weather this weekend is supposed to be horrific and disastrous, leading people to expire from the elements, according to one source. According to another, it should be mostly cloudy and a little rainy. Needless to say, my parents aren't keen on the idea of moving me on Saturday if people are expiring from the elements all around us. And I can't say I blame them, I'm not keen on the idea. And yet, I have begged and pleaded and hoped and prayed and changed my schedule as much as I could so that I would be free to do most of my moving Saturday afternoon. Shit! This leaves me trying to do most of the moving on my own in my little truck somewhere around Wednesday. This is less than optimal because it will require many fifty-mile one way trips, which do not make my gas tank happy. Ultimately, it's going to take about two weeks to get everything moved, I think. Not. Cool. But, such is life, and I am reliably informed I can cope and handle some frustrations.

Okay. Need some good news after all that spewing? I will give you some now. Maggie's scarf is done. It's good to know that there's one more project done, especially since it's my only holiday knitting. Jim's scarf is approaching thisclose to being done range, I'm just gonna knit til I'm out of yarn and call it good. I have turned the heel on my sock, and I am thrilled with myself. I know, I know, millions of children in other countries around the world have done this hundreds of times apiece. And yet, it felt like magic. There it was, a corner. It finally looked like a sock and not an optimistic cock warmer. It was great!

Right. That's enough words for now, I'm probably giving you guys all eyestrain. I will probably be posting a little sparsely the next few weeks (i know, not a surprise), because of the moving of the house and the switching of the jobs and such. Happy weekend to everyone!


Rose Red said...

Oh Em, shame about the job!

Hope the move goes ok, hope no-one "expires" in the weather (such an odd way of putting it, isn't it!) and if we don't hear from you beforehand, hope you have a great Christmas.

Bells said...

You know what? You CAN take another job. People do it all the time when they've put out a few applications. You take the first one that comes to you, sometimes, and then a better one comes. I've done it. You can do it, if you really would prefer Target.

God, the weather sounds awful. Stay safe!

And can you post a picture of Conwy? i want to try it out. Sorry it's been tricky!

Donna Lee said...

Oh baby. I'm sorry this has been so shitty for you. Maybe if we leave really really early on Sat morning, we can get there and back before the mass expirations start. We could load the cars Fri nite and leave at the crack of dawn. I think it is doable, unless the mass expirations complicate things.