Thursday, February 26, 2009

And the Results are In...

...the biopsy results, that is. After all the digging around in my lungs yesterday, all my doctor can tell me is that whatever this thing is, it's inflamed. Ummm, I totally could've told them that. Totally. And I don't even have a medical degree! So, it's time to schedule another test. Yup, one more. This is a different kind of biopsy and needles are involved. I'm hoping they put me to sleep for this one, too, as I am not for needles. I'm meeting with the new specialist doctor today at two thirty, then setting up the next biopsy. I already have two other scans scheduled for next week, so it looks like it'll be another full week of tests, work, and trying to sleep. I really shouldn't complain, though, since everyone I've worked with has scrambled to get these tests set up as quickly as possible. I may need a secretary by the time this is done, to remember which procedure is scheduled for when at what location. I've been to three separate hospitals and this will be my third or fourth doctor in the area. If any of you ever need medical care in the Pottstown area, I'm the lady to talk to.

I did manage to mostly finish the first of Dadumm's fingerless mitts on Monday. It kind of sucked to give him an incomplete gift, but I was able to measure and fit them to his hands, which is good. I'm plying the yarn for the second mitt, I should have plenty of it. He may yet get a hat.

I think I might have promised pictures yesterday, which means I will have to take some. Please forgive me for leading you on, I wasn't exactly in my right mind. I basically went home and slept for several hours. Jim would occassionaly prod me to make me drink so juice and to make sure I was alive. He also fed me. And I seem to remember him petting me, which is good. I'm a lucky woman, Jim took good care of me yesterday.

Time to go make some tea and get ready to see yet another doctor. I hope you all have a good afternoon.


Dianne said...

Frustrating... It sounds like Jim is a wonderful guy!

Galad said...

Welcome to the medical maze! Hopefully all of these test will come up with something conclusive.

Give Jim a hug from us since he's doing such a good job being supportive :-)

Bells said...

Well, ok. We are reserving judgement yes? I'm just very glad right now not to be reading the M word.

Take care.xo

Rose Red said...

Ok, I don't know if that's good or bad but it doesn't sound as bad as it could be (although angry alien baby - hmmm - looks like we'll need to knit the socks in nice soothing colours!)

Yay for lovely Jim looking after you.

Nicole said...

Hang in there. Hopefully you'll get some answers soon...Although all the tests suck. And congratulations on finding a keeper of a guy. The ones that will pet you while you're unconscious and hold your head while you puke are so hard to find.