Monday, February 16, 2009


I proudly present to you my very first finished pair of socks! Yes, that's right, very first. There are many pairs in various stages of completion, but these, affectionately known as the Bribe Socks, are the first to cross the finish line. They are soft and snuggly and warm and I'd originally thought of giving them to one of my sisters, but then I put them on and was overcome by greed. I now cannot bear to be parted from them, as they have warmed my feet admirably. They are also the softest, warmest things I have ever put on my feet. They're made from Misti alpaca, the colorway isn't named so I can't recall it. The picture shows the mixes of colors fairly well, though.
What I like most about it, though, was the way to colors almost striped. You can see that ultimately, they pooled and had a kind of camoflage effect, but if you look closely, there are areas where two or three colors would alternate every row, especially on the heels. Pretty. And fun. I finished these Saturday night while watching the new version of Pride and Prejudice. I've come across a lovely head cold, and I just couldn't concentrate on the full version. Though, I might watch that today.

Momolla, Dadumms, my big sister El, and my cousin Cheryl came up to visit for dinner last night. Momolla brought her wheel, Cheryl brought her crochet, and El brought the mandalas she colors. We had a lovely meal of ham, homemade mac and cheese (my favorite! carbs and cheese, what's not to love), and cake with ice cream for dessert. Momolla inisisted on bringing supplies, since she said it would feel wrong to her to eat the food she just gifted us with (though, the whole point of inviting everyone up was to share. sharing is fun!). We chatted and relaxed before dinner, and after the food was done, retired to the living room to pursue our hobbies. Momolla and I spun and chatted with El and Cheryl while Jim showed our current obsession to Dadumms. Our friends gifted us with a household gift this past Christmas, which was Left 4 Dead, a video game. Specifically, a zombie-killing video game. The boys are pretty good at it, but Coll and I are abysmal. There are two different joysticks you have to use for moving, and I'm pretty bad at it. My character always spends a lot of time spinning around in circles staring at the ceiling. Fortunatly, there are other characters to help out. I think Dadumms got a kick out of slaying the zombies, and may perhaps end up buying the pc version of the game.

In health-related news, I saw my chiropractor today. There were some subtle clues that there would be a problem when I walked in. The very nice lady named Shannon who works behind the desk asked me for my general practitioner's name, and where he is, and what his phone number is. I figured, maybe they like having complete records. And then, she went to get the doctor right away. No waiting. Damn, another bad sign, especially since she referred to me by name, and he recognized my name. Sure enough, the very nice doctor man told me that while I'm a good candidate for chiropractic care, there are some other issues that should be addressed first. Namely, there's a big ol' thing right on or next to my right lung. Yup, it's just chilling there. Hanging out, if you will. Being chiropractors, they're not at all sure what it is, and there are several things, ranging from cyst to infection to cancer that will explain the thing the size of my hand that is living in my lung sac. The really friendly and helpful Shannon called a couple of local doctors for me and set up an appointment first thing tomorrow morning. There will be tests. And blood work. And all manner of other exciting medical things. It should be a fun-filled week. I've moved beyond panicked (he said i might need an oncologist. that's a cancer doctor. i know that word! scary!) to more amused.

No ordinary muscle-type pains for me, nosir! Here in Emville, things are never that easy. Naturally, I've got some sort of alien baby incubating next to my spine. Oh, speaking of which. If it is an alien baby-thing, you are all totally allowed to stop talking to me, I will completely understand. Alien babies are gross. Totally gross.

And that's all we have for you today, folks. Check back later in the week for updates to what Colleen and I are now referring to as the Alien Baby Saga. It'll be awesome!


Donna Lee said...

Well, I can tell you're a Wood. We laugh in the face of adversity.I know you know that there is lots of support here for you if and when you need it. (stop me before I start singing"you just call out my name....") And I'm proud that you finally finished the bribe socks. Now go back and work on the "socks that shall not be named". I want to try the pattern but don't want to do it until you finish.

And I love you.

Rose Red said...

Don't worry, if it is an alien baby, we'll still talk to you. As long as your baby doesn't eat us.

(but seriously now...hugs!!)

And hey, a PAIR OF SOCKS! They are fantastic!! Good for you. And no way would I be giving them away.

Bells said...

Fabulous socks Em.

Not so fabulous news. I'm sure it'll be a cute alien baby and even if it's not, I'll still talk to you. Hang in there.

Galad said...

The bribe socks are awesome! I can understand why you wanted to keep them to warm your tootsies.

Of course I'll still talk to you if you have an alien baby (though I'm with Rose Red on the "no eating us" rule).

Monique said...

Oh em. When it rains it does pour for you. An alien baby wouldn't eat much so you would be safe there. Speaking of eating...our Chinese doesn't come in those little white boxes. I wish! It comes in little plastic boxes with plastic lids .hugs to you

Olivia said...

I hope the alien baby turns out to be nothing or almost nothing. Maybe just a smudge on the scan? It's clearly not the chiropractor's expertise at all, so try not to panic too early.

Dianne said...

You're in my thoughts! I love your sense of humor. Hugs to you, (and the alien baby).

teabird said...

I just read about this on your mom's blog - I'm thinking of you, hoping for the best news possible.