Friday, February 13, 2009

I made that!

This is yarn! I made it. I'm so amazed by the whole process and that I was able to take a bunch of fluff and turn it into something usable and kind of cool. No pictures of finished yarn yet, there were some complications with today, so I was pretty much entirely unproductive. I did manage to motivate myself enough to take some pictures of my yarny goodness. I had already unwound it and skeined it and washed it and thwacked it.

I figured today would be a good day to share some pictures with you all. I apologize for the slightly babble-y feel of today's post, I'm a little drunk on meds. I woke up this morning with incredible, stabbing pain in my back. I normally have some back pain in this general area when I'm under stress, but this was just intolerable. I decided that just hoping it'd go away eventually was not an option and that I needed to find the cause of all this. I went to a see a very nice choripractor, who took some measurements and some x-rays and we'll talk about my options on Monday. Until then, I'm taking lots of over-the-counter pain meds and trying to distract myself. Thankfully, I didn't have work today, but I will have to deal with a long day tomorrow.

Momolla, Dadums, and probably my cousin Cheryl and my big sister El will be coming for dinner on Sunday. The back will be bearable by then, Momolla and I are planning on spinning. It should be a pleasant afternoon. Momolla insisted on providing the food for dinner, since Jim and I are, well, beyond poor. She also very generously donated an entire freezer full of meat to me and Jim when her old freezer died. We're set for the next month or two, easily. Momolla also sent Valentine's candy for us. Damn, she's awesome. I have meat and chocolate, so life is not all bad.

Here's the yarn in skeined form. It's not perfect or even or particularly amazing. But I made it with my own two hands, and I feel pretty accomplished looking at it. Plying (spinning the two singles i spun together) really evened it out. And thwacking it did a lot towards making it less ridiculously overspun. I'm still not sure quite what weight it is or how much of it I have (this is precisely why I need a scale), but I do have a project in mind for it, and for the rest of the batch of roving that I'm spinning now. This is coopworth wool, and it's been really easy and fun to work with. It's been really easy to handle and has helped me learn.

That's all for tonight from the land of Em. More pictures later in the week. I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.


Georgie said...

Very nice work! Im so glad you've got that wheel behaving - no more launched flyers??

Hope that pain settles down, and you can get some long-term relief soon.

Rose Red said...

Look at you - making yarn, you clever girl! I like the sound of the thwacking bit, I reckon I'd be good at that part!

Hope the pain goes away soon, and that things will be looking up on the job front soon for you and Jim.

Galad said...

What a great start on your spinning. I can only imaging the feeling of accomplishment when you actually have knittable yarn.

Hope the back is better soon. Having back issues myself, I know how difficult it makes doing pretty much anything.

Hurray for meat and chocolate! While it is not good that your mom's freezer died, it did work out well in the end :-)

Continuing to send good thoughts you way. It can't hurt.

Donna Lee said...

Your yarn is beautiful. I'm looking forward to coming up and having you cook us dinner. I got some good stuff but no anginetti. They didn't have any. REALLY. Ask Dad, although I'm not sure how much attention he was paying since he took his light sabre with him....

Bells said...

Your mother is awesome. That's true. These stories of generosity just confirm it!

And isn't making your first yarn just so fabulous! If I ever make more, I'll be even happier. No luck on that so far.

Get well soon ok?