Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Paths Diverged in a Wood...

...and actually, we took the one more traveled by. Jim and I went home (momolla, i may never stop calling it home, weird or not) for Dadumm's birthday. We got a bit of a late start, but still made it down to Jersey in time to drive through the woods with the family. I always forget how peaceful our pines are until I'm out among them and I feel soothed. Truly, the Jersey Pine Barrens are my favorite place. Once the drive was done, it was time for a birthday feast, culminating in home-made birthday cake. Mmmmm, cake. I will go nearly anwhere for cake, even to places where I am teased and ganged up on (see momolla's blog for pictures of the abuse that i suffer at the hands of my loved ones). After cake, it was time for a diner trip with my lady friends and a couple of Jim's dudes. We had a great time, but we stayed out too late and so today I am tired and confused. I've been trying to keep up with blogs, if my comments are incoherent or scattered, well, let's just call it charming, okay? Coherency is overrated.

Tomorrow is my biopsy, Jim is dropping me off early in the morning. He's not staying with me because it will be a longish wait, and they're putting me to sleep. The hospital folks will call once I'm awake and he can come get me and carry me out to the car (anything that puts you to sleep kicks my ass. i expect to spend all day tomorrow mostly asleep. or at least pretty out of it). There probably won't be any news for another week or two yet, I had to re-schedule the MRI, since it wasn't set up for contrast and we want contrast. Apparently, contrast is good. So we are still waiting and wondering and I'm still trying keep living my life and not be too freaked out. Knitting is helping with that quite a bit, as it gives me something to do. I like to keep my hands busy.

Work was hellish today and I find I'm all out of talk for the moment. I'll keep you all posted on the alien baby situation as things develop. Thanks, as always, for the love and support. It means more to me than I can say (though we all know that won't stop me from trying).


Bells said...

You're really, really in my thoughts. I was even just telling my sister about you. I just saw the photos on your mom's blog (feels so weird to write mom and not mum!).

hang in there. It'll be done soon and then the waiting starts. Oh what fun that will be. I just wish it didn't take so long.

Knit like a madwoman!

Rose Red said...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow, hope it all goes smoothly.

Sounds like you had a good day on Monday, notwithstanding the teasing!!

Galad said...

The best of all possible thoughts are with you. Rest up, knit often and take good care of yourself.

Donna Lee said...

There wouldn't need to be so much family "teasing" if you would just stand still and let me take a picture.

And you know my heart is there with you and if you need the rest of me, just holler.

Dianne said...

I hope everything goes smoothly and you get good news very, very soon! Love that picture on your mom's blog. Aren't sisters great!