Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Belated Monday Post

Because I slipped and totally forgot to write an entry for yesterday. Go, me! I was a little wiped out yesterday, work was crazy. But then, when isn't it?

Tonight will be busy, too, and the rest of the week into the weekend. Jim's mom is coming up for a visit. I invited her, because she's in a really tough living situation right now and it seems like she could use a bit of a break. Our house may not be exciting, but it's restful. And after tonight, it'll be clean.

I must confess, my quest to keep the house cleaner has been going slightly better, but not as well as I'd hoped. I think a large part of the problem is the sheer amount of stuff we have, and the lack of organization to it. Also, we're all kind of lazy when it comes to cleaning. Still, the house looks better. The kitchen floor is still sticky, but the dishes are done and the counters are fairly clean. The bedroom is in pretty poor shape again, but that's because it's the room where all the stuff that doesn't have a place on the bottom floor goes. Oh, well. If given a choice between being happy and mentally stable and having a clean house, I will take the former every time.

In review:

-Slacking off is good for you. I have decided this is truth.
-Wish I brought a darning needle to work today. My mitts are pretty much done
-Next post today will be about the knitting. I swear I still know how to move sticks and string
-It's amazing what you can get done when you have a regular, normal schedule


Monique said...

Slacking off IS good for the soul. Am enjoying your daily posts whether they are about knitting or not. We have got on top of the mess here (toys, laundry, dishes, kitchen clean-up) by having a 15 -20 min period (timed because we are a bit anal like that) every evening before we get the kids to bed. After that we can slacken off in a relatively tidy place.

Donna Lee said...

It's hard to keep the house unmessy when there are 4 people living there and only one is cleaning up. (and only one cares about it)

Roxie said...

Life is short. Clutter is comforting. Every house needs a junk room where you throw things when people come to visit. Slacking off is essential!