Friday, October 23, 2009

Identity Crisis...

... in terms of the blog, I mean. Me, I know who I am... Most days, anyway. But the blog, well, I'm a little less sure of that. Some days it feels like a diary. Others, it feels like a soapbox. Every so often, it feels like a place to talk about my crafts. Once in a blue moon, it's a lovely place to talk about food.

There are bamillions of blogs out there, each one a little different, and dedicated to something else. There are craft blogs, where people show off their awesome stuff-making skills, food blogs where people show off their awesome cooking/baking skills or talk about awesome restaurants. Some people run blogs about books and literature, while others use their spaces to discuss religion. And then, there are the vanity blogs. These are the blogs that don't have much of a purpose, except to be about someone. Some of them are written with humor, wit, and insight. Many of them are coherent and interesting. And then, there are the crazed, jumbled blogs like this one.

It started out as a knitting blog, when I participated in my first Tour de France Knitalong (i have a terrible record with reaching my goals for those). I had good intentions of knitting and putting pictures up and making this an interesting, creative space. And then, I started talking about my life a little. The transition from sort-of knitblog to total vanity endeavor was complete. For a while, there was no knitting content (well, okay. for great huge whacks of this blog, there has been no knitting content) because there was no knitting. Once I started to read other blogs, and to look around the interwebs a little more, I realized that there's not a whole lot I can contribute to knitting blogs, or food blogs, or literature blogs, or any topic-specific blog, really. I'm not that eloquent, and my thoughts and contributions aren't that compelling.

Still, I wanted to keep up with the blog. I really do love writing, and I thought it might be nice to have a record for myself later on, even if nobody else ever read it. I still go back and read my old entries sometimes, as narcissistic as that is, because it's good to remember and they help me see how far I've come. This is especially true of the last year. The blog gave me a place to vent a little, and to work things through in my own way. Best of all, though, the blog gave me new friends. The internet is great for a lot of things, but the best part of it, as near as I can tell, is the way it brings people from all over together. I can claim friendship with some amazing people across the country, and across the world, who I would never have met without this little blog. For that, I am grateful. I love you guys, and I love having the chance to be part of your lives the way you're part of mine.

For a while, I was considering changing the blog format drastically. After I thought about it (read: agonized for ages), I decided to keep things the way they are. This is my space to be me, whoever and whatever that happens to be on any given day. When I knit, it will be a blog about knitting. When there's spinning, it will be a blog about spinning. And when crazy stuff happens, it'll be a blog about crazy stuff (and there's always plenty of that to go around). Basically, the blog is me, in written format. It's comfortable this way, and I don't get too much hate mail, so things will be staying as they are for the forseeable future.

In review:
--This is totally a vanity blog. I've dropped all pretense of it being anything else
--I'm happy with it that way, so the content will be consistent with what it is now (utterly random)
--Got the house cleaned last night. Roxie, you're right, I wouldn't have regretted it on my deathbed. But Jim's mom is sleeping on our couch this weekend, and since I invited her, I figured it was only fair that she get to sleep on a clean couch.
--Tonight, there will be spinning! I think...


Bells said...

i love your blog Em. And you are terribly articulate. Keep doing what you're doing.

ps knit more!

Donna Lee said...

Most blogs (even the crafty ones) are all about the vanity. The ones I like the most have stuff about people's daily life which may seem really boring to them but is fascinating to me. I get to see little slices of life around the world. How cool is that?

Rose Red said...

I think the crafty blogs are especially vanity blogs!! At least you tell us the crappy stuff too, so from that perspective it might be all about you, but it isn't how great you are (well, not all the time anyway!).

And I think you are wrong on another couple of things too - you ARE eloquent, and you DO say compelling things. So don't sell yourself short, hey!

Roxie said...

Frankly, I prefer a "Vanity" blog. I like to hear how my friends are doing, and I love the stories of their lives. You have what writers call, "a distinct voice." And I want to hear what you have to say. Please continue to blog on. I would miss your quirky charm.