Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day Off...

it's been a nice one, so far. Kate and Patrick came up for an unexpected visit after their plans for the day changed. I took my camera to the electronics store to see if it could be repaired (we'll know soon), and I did some knitting and spinning. Colleen and I drank plum wine (delicious stuff, and kind of potent) and watched silly girl movies. And now I am back in my bed, eating chocolate and knitting while I listed to a book being read to me. All in all, it's been a pretty nice day.

I like the five word blog format, and I'm thinking I might implement it once a week, since it's kind of a challenge to get something interesting across in five words. Also, it's great for a night when I have something else going on, and blogging time is a little scarce. As for yesterday's post, Laura mentioned me in a paper she wrote about agents of socialization in her life, and how brave I was during the alien baby saga. I appreciate the sentiments, but I'm not sure brave is the right word. Steady, maybe, but not brave. I handled the situation as best I could, but there was still an awful lot of complaining and being afraid involved. I'm pretty sure that means I'm disqualified from being brave.

In other news, I got the forums liaison job I applied for. I'd pretty much given up hope, since it took so long to hear back from my new boss. I'm going to phase over into the new department slowly, starting towards the end of this week, and I should be doing the job full time by the first weekend of November. This will give the customer service department some time to hire a replacement for me, and to train the new person some before they throw them into active duty. I'm pretty excited about the new job, and I'm looking forward to not answering phones all day. I mostly don't mind working with our customers, and I do like helping people and correcting any issues they might have. There's just the occasional customer who is upset and takes it out on me. I know it's a hazard of customer service, and that it's just the way things are. But I surely won't miss it. I'll let you all know how the training goes, and how I like the new job. I feel a little bad leaving the department already, when I've only just been hired, but the department manager wished me well and seemed genuinely pleased for me.

That's really all I have for y'all at the moment. My day has been peaceful and a little boring, and I've loved it. Maybe there will be something more interesting to post tomorrow. If not, I have a few ideas brewing.

In review:
--Kate and Patrick came up for a visit. We had lunch, which was pretty nice.
--Jim's mom didn't come up this weekend, due to some complications. Maybe next weekend, though.
--This was not a good day to spin. Knitting will happen instead and we'll try again tomorrow.
--The weather is disgusting, which means I don't feel bad at all about sitting in bed knitting.
--I have just remembered, we're going to visit Laura tomorrow. Must make cream puffs in the morning.


Rose Red said...

Day off sounds fab! What could be better than bed, knitting, chocolate and being read to?!

And hello! Yay for the job!! That's fantastic!

Donna Lee said...

We were glad to hear about the new job! Sounds like it's right up your alley.

And I love a good day off.

Roxie said...

A day off taken in fine style. Bravo. This IS hibernation season, and you guys in the NorthEast are really getting the weather for it.

Hooray for the new job! May it be even better than you hope.

Galad said...

Hope the new job is a winner! Glad you got a day off to relax and knit.